How do you concentrate or focus?

So I’m a schizophrenic and have lots of problems with concentrating and can’t take ADD meds cause they make my sz act up. I truely want to learn to program. How do you stay still and pay attention, and not get up and pace and not have daydreams/racing thoughts? more meds? meditation? This has been a problem for me for a long time and I really hope yall have some ideas/methods. thank you for reading this.


i try and just be natural, it is really hard though on meds but i am trying all the time to stay natural and try and relax, like doing it without even thinking about it, its hard to concentrate when you are trying too hard so i just try and stay relaxed and keep my stress levels down and its still a struggle but i think its working like i did college and things so i must be doing something right, good luck and talk to your p/doc about it, make sure he knows whats wrong, its a difficult thing to get treated for imo. oh yeah and maybe get an eye test, some times glasses can help but not always x

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One thing I’ve noticed is that I can "unconsciously concentrate " better than I can “consciously concentrate” . So try to concentrate on something you’re really interested in, first.

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i have yet to find a way,

Hello and thank you.

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Thants not what I wanted to hear. maybie we can find a way together.


Good luck to you with college! I have the same problem with the pacing thing. Everything that gives me an idea, I have to walk around and think about it, and then get back to the task. As to advice, I’m not sure, but I can relate to you, and hope you find a way to focus better. Good luck!

I give myself a chance. If my mind wanders while I’m reading I just draw myself back into what I’m reading. I don’t get frustrated or worry about it.