I haven't seen a doctor regularly for over 10 years

Yes, since I’ve been living abroad I don’t have access to a psychiatrist regularly. I have just been getting my medicines (you’d be surprised what you can get over the counter in third world countries) and taking them by myself. I do get my medicine from a so called psychiatrist now but she doesn’t do any talk therapy and she doesn’t really give a ■■■■. She just asks me what I need and gives me the pills.

Somehow this is working for me…


When I was in India is was super easy to get benzodiazepines without a scrip. I did abuse them.

Yes, I got meds in India. There are a lot of fakes over there too.

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where are you living?

must suck that you can’t see pdoc regularly…

So you can get antipsychotics without a prescription?

In some countries you can. Depends how third world the country is. Here in Thailand I do see a psychiatrist, she just doesn’t do any talking, just gives me the meds and that’s it.


Wow. That’s interesting

I haven’t had a psychiatrist myself in over 10 years. My GP does all my meds

I’ve never met a psychiatrist that was interested in talking about anything but meds. That’s pretty much all they’re good for

My pdoc just asks me the same round of questions every time I see her then prescribes meds. It’s pretty routine. Almost unnecessary. So I could see how I could easily get by without her as long as I was able to get my meds. If I was switching meds I could see where her advice might be valuable though.


My “doctor” always asks me “Oh don’t you need anything else?”. This is because I have taken lorazepam from her before and she wants to sell me more. Luckily I have self discipline and don’t need lorazepam unless I’m in stressful America.


Another thing is in America you would get a prescription from a doctor and then go fill it at the pharmacy. Here in Thailand the psychiatrist just gives me the meds I want right at the little clinic she runs.

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I should say she sells me the meds not gives me. See it is a business where it is in her best interests to push more meds on people.


That system sounds ripe for abuse

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