I have spoken to my Psychiatrist now

It has been a bit of a road to self destruction as many saw the other day when I have been posting some stuff.

I spoke with the psychiatrist today, and he says that he is happy to try and reduce the level of AP I am taking, as I have been clear of psychosis for nearly two years now. Although we didn’t agree with the level that I dropped my dose, he just said now you have done it, wait 4-6 weeks before considering whether it needs raising or I can make a further reduction

We drew a line under everything that was upsetting me, and we’re going to plan what next rather than focusing on the irritating things that have transpired over the last few months.

Basically all is good with my doctor and case worker, and I am feeling a bit more positive about things.

The problem was he didn’t want to cut down so many meds like benzos etc at the same time, but we’re past that point now and he thinks we should follow the status quo and see what happens.

I wanted to post this as there was a fair bit of disagreement on a thread I asked to be locked yesterday, so I wanted those who posted to have an update.

I appreciate all your concern, and I do accept that I can be a self-destructive little ■■■■ when I get like I did.




I’m glad you’re doing it with dr supervision now. :slight_smile:


Glad you are working with your pdoc. That’s a smart move. G9od luck, I hope you find a good balance.


I’d like to be able to reduce my meds but I’d probably end up back in the psych ward again.

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You’ve always struck me as a really bright individual.

Endorse yourself for the positive character traits you own, instead of dwelling on what you don’t have at this moment.

You’ll snap out of this funk. You’re probably just a late bloomer…I sense your success and happiness is just waiting in the wings! :wink:


I’m happy that you managed to sort it out. Good luck reducing the medication.

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Thanks for all your messages.

Reducing medications has been a goal for me for a long time, and I want to use this period of stability psychosis wise to drop the levels down as much as possible.

I have always just wanted to be on maintenance doses rather than acute all the time, but things have never been settled enough to get that far.

I will also not be touching the anxiety meds for now as a compromise


Glad your working with your medical peeps. Maintaining for a period sounds a solid plan just to see how you go. It’s only for a period anyways so you can do that.


im taking 200mg amuilspride with 10mg valium.i reckon thats the best combo.i dont know though about how you would react to that dosage.they followingme right now job agencies.maybe i need to lower it more so i can be able to do voluntering otherwise they cut my payment.

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I just got off Sertraline, Mirtazapine and my sleep medicines down to 2 Times/week.
Only med i take regulary is Zyprexa.


I’m really relieved to hear this. I was worried about you.


I’m glad you found peace about the issue @FadeToBlack. I’m also on maintenance doses of my AP meds. (200mg amisulpride and 5mg olanzapine). But I keep more pills in case of a bad day when I take more. Always have a safety net!

Glad you are working with your doctor.
Good luck with everything.

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I think the stress of it all has come from my paranoia that the doctor was going to refuse me to drop.

This is new to me. Always either mental health staff or my parents are against me moving down on AP’s, but this time I have everyone on side.

Another good piece of news is that for the most part, the withdrawal effects of being spaced out and feeling sick have subsided. The withdrawal on Amisulpride seems to only be a fraction of what benzos are like.

I am not going to be impulsive about dropping again. I will follow the 4-6 week rule set by the doctor


When I stopped my amisulpride in 2013, (without consulting my pdoc), I suffered persistent tension especially in my jaw, and my heart raced. It was awful. But went back on meds as I couldn’t cope without them

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That sounds rough. Withdrawal is an absolute nightmare.

If my thinking is correct, dropping a bit faster on a high dose isn’t so bad, as I went from 800mg to 600mg. My view is next I do 250mg twice a day, so only make the next drop 100mg instead of 200mg.

Then maybe do 250mg in the morning and 200mg at night.

My aim is to get to 400mg if I can achieve that.

400mg amisulpride is a good therapeutic dose. I do very well on it, along with 5mg olanzapine.

Hope it works out for you!

Thanks @EarthChild it really helps a lot to speak with yourself as you’re on the same medication

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