I go through so many hobbies I can't count

I’ve had ago at knitting , crochet , crocheting a teddy, drawing , digital art , diamond painting , collecting pins, collecting postcards, so much more , oh and photography… I go back and forth on these hobbies sometimes … But sometimes abandon them altogether.

My partner feels it’s a manic symptom.


I swore I was going to make an ergonomic keyboard with a 3d printer I got, but I got distracted by all kinds of things.

Now my 3d printer and keyboard parts are just sitting there.

I have to be careful when making plans. I’m not good with follow-through.

Now I’m seriously considering becoming a natural health practitioner, and paying the $11k CAD into it for accreditation. I’d better commit 100% if I want that.


I get that. I mean…who really spends over £100 on felt tip markers … I’m not really a professional artist.


Maybe we gotta take ourselves less seriously, and pick more affordable hobbies.

Like, I don’t see the $11k accrediation leading to a cash windfall really, it’s just a labor of love type dealie for friends and family, so they’ll take my advice more seriously. It takes ages to get traction in that business.


Do you feel its a manic symptom? Because I really feel like what your going through is similar. I have recently applied for a completely different job. I mean I never saw myself as a professional gardener. !


It’s totally a manic thing. When there is chronic brain inflammation your brain is on perpetual overdrive and you end up making life plans that change pretty much with the direction of the wind. Every little thing influences that fragile mindset and you’re in a constant state of “shiny object syndrome”.

The only reliable way of stopping that phenomenon is to dial down the brain inflammation. Trying to out-think that mindset is like swimming upstream.


This thread reminds me of the time I wanted to start a certificate course at New York University for animation. Really shiny object. Thank goodness I asked a question though. I emailed the professor and asked if “being able to draw was necessary”. I never heard back and moved on to other less expensive ‘follies’.


:open_mouth:. And that reminds me of a time I applied for a occupational therapy training course. I even went through with interview but never got it. Had i got it. I’d still probably be pursuing a career change.

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Ha!! I was a consumer of ‘occupational therapy’ through a church group that brought students of that track together with the mentally disordered.

I suppose it was mutually beneficial. Though I got interviewed and got the dreaded question about how I spend the hours of my day.

Can you blog? I think it’s been great for me… I’m almost obsessed with my Sz reputation and also legacy( there are far worse things; in fact it’s probably a good thing). I like memorializing and leaving a foot print and all of that.

It’s so uplifting maybe bc I like the videos I also branched into… I even want to watch that dated flick with Michael Keaton called My Life … I think it’s called.

I still have a long way to go of course but for now I’ll take this!!


I am working on setting up a podcast at some point. I have a mood journal but it’s tough finding the motivation.


I’m a known flight risk on most projects I start :blush:


I totally understand that @anon80629714. I also go through a ton of hobbies though I do that to get rid of the obsessive thoughts of homelessness that I get everyday. Part of my dx is sza with obsessive features though thinking of poppies and butterflies doesn’t get rid of those horrible thoughts. There could be a manic element involved as I know when my mood is up I am far more impulsive.

So now I have a woodburning tool sitting unused and a whole stew of other stuff. I think with sz\sza our minds betray us more than we realize.


I was a volunteer weather observer for a while. I mainly collected rain/ice/snow data in my rain gauge for an online network. I had to quit when I moved from my Mother’s house. I also commented on the weather, and am a storm spotter although I haven’t attended classes since the 1990’s (transportation issues). I did report softball sized hail and put some in the freezer when a tornado nearly knocked the roof off my Mom’s house once and my report and hail samples were used in the insurance claim report. Otherwise I just mainly made minor hail reports and a few snow reports. It helped make up for my failure to get a Meteorology degree.

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