I have no idea why my post is removed

“when u go to see a psychiatrist first time with no very huge misbehaviour and nothing disturb your brain , when your brain is still normal, the doc cannot see what really is and said “oh you got depression, u have to take the antidepressants!”

and when u take the antidepressants then u go mania , the pdoc will say :” oh sorry u are bipolar “ then when u decided not to take these meds, ur brain goes wrong because the meds become essence to you now! with nth wrong on your brain at first and now ur brain wrecks because the meds are the ones create the so-called “ chemica imbalance” . and then once u withdraw from the meds , you become so paranoid and ur cognitive ability goes near zero, congrats! you finally got diagnosed as schizophrenia right now! and u become a schizophrenic!

and the pdoc will say: 「 oh your diagnosis is actually schizophrenia」 ,but why am i not a scizho before i come to meet u?”

that’s what i write about, what’s wrong with it? i have been reported few times for saying that “schizophrenia is latent homosexuality” which. told by Freud and i got banned for that, saying that i am discriminating homosexuality which i did not. I just wondered this could be true. and this time i expressed my own view of psychiatry and i got flagged. i dun understand what’s wrong with the content. is it that everyone must have to share the same view, “oh psychiatry is good , it is perfect. the assumption of chemica imbalance must be correct” ? why can’t i have my own view? it is all my experience! what’s wrong with that? anyway , i am fed up with the so-called “expression censorship”, i am done with this community.

Freud wasn’t good thinking and most of his theories are old news and not constructive.

Homosexuality has nothing to do with schizophrenia. It’s most likely a genetic trigger getting hit in most likely inutero. Saying that sexuality is a casual agent is not only bigoted it’s just totally wrong.

It’s ok to have an opinion and express that but an ignorant opinion is just that. It’s not the forums fault and the ball is in your court. There’s many folk who use this website who need help and don’t need misinformation.


no i did not say meds are not important , i just think seeing a psychiatrist at the first time is a big mistake for me and it played a very big big part of my illness developing to psychosis.

It does to a certain degree. Sexuality in general plays a vital role in mental health.

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I guess when I was in college and studying sociology, the professors in charge were interested in unusual sexual behavior in schizophrenics.

I still think it’s a pretty broad straw and one study doesn’t prove that. It’s still, to me, a disorder of the 1 %. I’ve seen nothing else to see otherwise and we’ve moved a long ways since the DSM 2.

If it’s sz @schizophrenick meds are it over psychosis. Yes there are bad psychiatrists but there are also good ones. Still the same attitude to what you say. I think you were being offensive to the community and you got censored. It happens. This is a pretty well moderated community.

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Uhh… i am bi and trans, but i don’t see why that has to do with my mental illness though? My trama chosed my schizoafftive disorder to appear.

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Im a closet Bi-sexual and have struggled with my sexuality for many years. But never has the Pdoc attributed it to my mental health. The only thing i think it affects is that i have been known to be promiscuous - with men and woman. But thats more to do with my lack of awareness of putting my self in risky situations (my Borderline PD traits). :face_with_monocle:

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I think cos of the stigma it can be stressful the homosexuality etc, so that could contribute to psychosis

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