I have just been on Invega!

I was on Seroquel; but, have just been switched to Invega. I was only on 50 mg of Seroquel and it made a zombie in a fog with headache. It also got me hot. Anyway, I saw a new pdoc at the “clinic.” My previous one changed her walk-in hours and I was never informed. The receptionist said I should have called in and talked to the nurse last week. I told her I talked to my therapist last week. I guess he didn’t know about the pdoc’s hour change or I am sure he would have told me. I did get to see a nurse who was really better than the nurse I saw a couple of weeks ago. She said that she had to talk in the doctor. In a while; she came back and said I was to see a doctor. We talked for awhile the medications, etc. He then gave me samples for Invega; 6mg at bedtime with food. He gave me enough for 28 days. I see him again on April 7. He told me that injections were available for Invega if needed. I told him that I had been on almost every SSRI ever made. He told me he didn’t think SSRIs would be any good for me. I am really not sure what he meant. I think I may like him better; than the first pdoc I saw or the PA I saw earlier this year and last year. I am not sure yet. It is very good that a pdoc wanted to see me after I talked to the nurse. I thought I was only going to see a nurse. A couple of weeks ago; I saw the nurse and pdoc did not seem to want to see me. I guess my question; have you been on Invega; has it helped you or not; and what side effects did you have; if any. I have read the NAMI info on Invega and went to the Janseen site. I was on Risperidal for many years; which the pdoc said that Invega was a “refinement” of Risperidal. I always that being prescribed a psychiatric medication is like an experiment and for me; which I imagine is true for all of us; sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t
Thank you so very much. Remember YOU ARE MAGIC!

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Hi, I have taken Invega for a while, but it caused me a bad side effect that I don’t want to mention. That doesn’t mean you 'll get that too. It is said to be a good medicine, as the pdoc said, but I didn’t take it for a big while to have an opinion about it, because of the side effect. It’s true, SSRIs are not suitable for us, because they worsen the psychosis, every time I took some I was delusional again. So, since he wanted to see you and told you these things, he must be a good doctor, try doctors that have a good soul (that really want to help) apart from being good doctors.

Thank you for your response and input. You don’t have to mention your side effect from Invega if it makes you feel uncomfortable. I did not know about the issue with the SSRIs making you delusional. But, when I think back to being on SSRIs; I remember still having problems with the delusions. I have read that SSRIs can aggravate a manic/depressive into mania. Many times, they had put me on SSRIs because they thought I just had depression. Sometimes, they put me on them; because they thought I had OCD. I am no psychiatric expert; but, I am beginning to believe they may all been forms of delusions. My therapist had mentioned a possible anti-depressant for possible anxiety. But, then delusions by their very nature cause anxiety. The only thing that bothers me about any of these medications is possible weight gain and diabetes. I am vain and don’t want to have buy new clothes because I have gained. My father got diabetes and my sister got diabetes. I believe my father got his from Agent Orange. My sister had cancer (she passed away in 2002) and one of her chemotherapy drugs caused to have diabetes. Chemotherapy can be worse than the cancer; but that’s a whole another subject.

Invega is pretty good I have no problems withit.

I had problems with it but I was on 200 mgs of Thorazine too. Are you on any other psych drugs? If so, then I will post my side effects.

In addition to the Invega, I take 600 mg of Lithium; 300 with breakfast and 300mg at bedtime with food. I have been on Lithium for the better part of twenty years. The pdoc said that I was on such a low level of Lithium; he wouldn’t even ask yet for a Lithium Level. Thank you for all your replies

@Greykitten I don’t see any problems since you are on a low dose of lithium, other than doing blood work for sodium levels. Look here: http://www.drugs.com/lithium.html I suggest doing that because when I took Trileptal at a low dose I had to discontinue it for low sodium levels.

Good luck :slight_smile:

@greykitten I have been on Invega for about three months. The pdoc just rose my level up to 12mg and I began to experience bloody diarrhea within 30 minutes of taking the dose. So he is ramping me down again to 6mg. Previous to the 12 I was on 9mg. He says that the symptom is unusual but it is known to cause some gastrointestinal issues, I just may be having a severe reaction due to the really high dose. (12mg is the max dose by the way)

I was given samples of Invega but decided against taking it and stuck with my usual medication.I also can’t handle most SSRI’s for long periods of time. Over time they make me delusional and then withdrawal can cause other issues. Invega might cause mood shifts. That’s what concerned me.I don’t want to discourage you, but I had intuition that Invega might worsen mania because if I miss a dose,I could have an intsant manic episode. Also being that you are on Lithium which can’t be missed and can be life threatening if a dose is missed, I would try a less harsh medication like Latuda or Zyprexa? It just sounds like a dangerous combination because if you miss a single dose of medication you’ll be completely thrown off.

Thank you for your input. I tried Zyprexa; but, I might as well be taking a sugar pill or placebo. That is one pill along with Nerontin that did absolutely nothing for me. I think those fake medicine that you buy to pacify your child would have done me better. Plus, the pdoc who prescribed it to me kept telling don’t eat! don’t eat. You really can’t live without eating. Latuda is probably too expensive for me my Medicare Part D. Both Saffris and Fanapt would have caused me about $500 a month! Idiotic and impossible when you on Disability. I have been on Risperidal for many years and had no problems. The pdoc said Invega is a refined version of Risperidal; ad they are manufactured by the same company. He also gave free samples for 28days which helped my pocketbook. You make some good points; but the antipsychotic medication choices are beginning to disappear. I will look out for these issues you mention in your post. I am not sure about missing doses of Lithium; as I gone have several weeks without Lithium with no problems. I have already taken both my Lithium and Invega. I think these meds are making me sleepy Good night my sweet forum friends. Good night!

One more thing about the Lithium. I am on a really low dose; 300 mg in the morning and 0 mg at bedtime with food. The pdoc said my dose was so low that I didn.t even need a Lithium level. That is probably why I have never had any major problems with it. Mostly, except in 2013 when the doctors really SCREWED me up with my medication, I have been on higher doses of anti-psychotics than Lithium. However, I will definitely keep what you have said under consideration. But, my intuition tells me and like you I follow my intuition which is very excellent tells me that I should at least give Invega a try; as it might work for me. Each of us is so unique that we must follow our intuition in these matters. I am glad you did. I shall try to follow mine.

I’ve been on invega for a week and my mood swings have increased. I am really sad about anything, really and then it’s the most wonderful day of my life. Has anyone experienced this? Maybe it’s not a side effect but a symptom and I’m not sure

I could be wrong but i think invega has to build up in your system a bit, as well as dosage needs to built up gradually. So you may be having some hangover effects from the change of meds and the improper levels as of yet, if your pdoc plans to increase the dosage. I have been been on 12 mg (max dose) invega for some time and am quite happy. I did have to add tegetol and pristiq to help manage moods and depression but i am SZA bipolar type. Invega has brought my paranoia and hallucinations down tremendously but i am still plagued with delusions, though mostly mild.

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It might not be related to the med, it can just be a coincidence. Invega has a mood stabilizer on it, so in time your moods will improve. Give it time.

I’m surprised people are having trouble with Seroquel. I’ve been on that drug for years, and I can’t really tell I’m taking it. Never could.

Seroquel was almost hell on earth for me, besides being in zombie mode all day, the side effects after i would take it at night were nearly torture. But everybody is different, im glad you have something that works for you @crimby.

It’s amazing how med’s affect people differently. One time I talked to this guy who had a hard time with Geodon, and Haldol was easy for him to tolerate. That sure wasn’t the case for me.

I just started taking seroquel and I hope I have as good of an experience as you have had.

Invega has consistently been the drug that worked the best for me. I discovered that the hard way when I went off of it for a while and took Latuda. Latuda initially helped with the voices but had harsh side effects. I became manic. Then they put me on Seroquel and I had serious thoughts of suicide. That led to 3 Psych Ward visits. When they put me back on Invega I remember walking back in my apartment and thinking someone had trashed it. It was I who had let it go to pot instead. So I started cleaning it up. I noticed my mind getting organized after a short time. I did go to the Psych Ward one more time after that because of supplement abuse that was a carry over from the other drugs causing me trouble with sleep. But they added loxapine and I noticed I actually was able to do some puzzles I previously had not been able to do. They added a few other drugs as well for mood, anxiety, and sleep and i haven’t darkened the Psych Ward door in over a year (knock on wood) and I feel better than I’ve felt since the illness began. I made a few lifestyle changes as well and have reversed the weight gain effect of Invega through diet and stopped obsessing about women by quitting porn. Invega is pricey but it’s been a good drug for me.

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Hi there, I’ve been on INVEGA for about a year (3mg). It’s been great for the schizophrenia but I was restless and anxious on it, even on such a low dose. I actually had to take an antidepressant to deal with the side effects, since then I have been fine.