Pdoc might change my meds

They told me they think the meds (Invega 9mg) don’t work as well anymore, but that the pdoc isn’t too keen on raising the dosage, so he might want to change my meds instead.
I’m glad it happens while I’m at the hospital, in case something goes wrong and I go mental.

I don’t really want to change meds. I feel like Invega has worked better than anything else I’ve tried, and it was way less sedating that Abilify.
But I don’t really want to increase Invega either, the side-effects are kind of uncomfortable.

If they say they think it’s best to up or change, I won’t object though.
Is there a med they’d be likely to try instead?
I’ve been on Risperdal and Abilify in the past.


I wish you a speedy recovery :sunny:

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Go for seroquel…!!! I take 25mg…!!!

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I take 25mg seroquel too, but it’s very sedating

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My 25mg seroquel helps me fall asleep…

Me too, but it makes me feel slow and tired the next day, and makes me have to take a lot of naps.

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There’s a lot of options nova and We are all different!! Good luck :four_leaf_clover: getting the right one :point_up:️. I know with me, I’m very sensitive to meds. Almost all meds work for me, it’s just dependent on side affects.

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I hope they find the right one for you,


Did you tried geodon?

Goodluck finding the right med @Pikasaur

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Invega crapped out on me too at 12 mg.

I switched to geodon 80mg and have been really good since then.

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Interesting to hear that. I am considering switching Invega 12 mg to Geodon’s equivalent dose.

Does it help you sleep better?

I didn’t notice any change in sleep. I take my meds in the morning.

lookup the fda recomended dose.

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