I have doubts about if my voices are hallucination or deamon

when my voices go haywire then i no longer can believe it is hallucinations. I go back to believing It might be dead sprit saying i did something bad. Can you relate?

Brain doesn’t seem like a complex enogh organ. If voices are hallucinations then why isn’t a good explanation by medical community is out by 2018?

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Thanks for that but anyone else believe when the voices take over that it’s not hallucinations anymore?

Yes I’ve it too…I think it are real people…but the fact is that we hear voices and have to deal with “them” the best we can.

It does not really matter where the voices come from. We do not personally have the power to make them disappear.

Maybe this helps you? My psychiatrist once said: "Do not go into research because research becomes delusions and delusions eventually become the truth.

Wish you a lot of wisdom and power!

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The spirits want to draw you into their world.


Sometimes, for me, it doesn’t matter whether it’s hallucinations or real. It’s very difficult to tell the difference when my religious/spiritual beliefs support the existence of angels and demons.
What matters then is my reaction to them. I give myself the only “reality check” that I can. Did I do something bad? No. Do I actually belong to Satan, or do I love God? I do not belong to Satan. I love God… etc.
The voices are there sometimes, and they certainly seem real (and look real since I have visual hallucinations too), so the only way to override their affect is to stay in as much truth as possible.


All your voices are hallucinations. None are demons. If you are hearing voices up your meds. Make sure you psychiatrist knows about the voices.


I agree with @StonePaperScissors


I dont hear voices but I have memories and thoughts from parallel universes. And I’m schizophrenic. Or at least bipolar. They dont know. Most doctors think I’m sz/sza.

I think it has to do with physics.

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Your response was really helpful for me. Thank you.

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I’m on Meds and haven’t heard voices in a long time but I still think they were demons

I want to believe they are hallucination like he said


No they don’t :confused: . There are no spirits…

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I have the exact same problem. I’ve always been a secular believer in Mediumship and the Other Side. Now I have to stop believing in mediums… this is the only ailment on the planet that would stop me from believing in mediums. This doesn’t feel like mediumship though, because they never talk about hearing or seeing bad things, only good ones. Not too sure I believe them all, still trying to figure it out.

It scares me because giving up my belief in Mediums throws my entire belief in the afterlife into question and then I stop believing in the afterlife then I panic and then I go to a really dark place inside myself. I don’t know the right balance… how to reconcile my beliefs with the reality of my illness.

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My faith in God is the only thing that kept me from killing myself when I was a teenager. Anyone could say that my faith was all part of my extreme delusion, but what does it matter if it saved me?
Clinging to what is constructive and helpful isn’t a bad thing to do. Admitting that I have sz and so that I have delusions doesn’t mean it’s all true or all false. It simply doesn’t matter as long as it’s not harmful to myself or others.


I’m sure it’s demons.Or spirits.In my case.But since we don’t go into religion,I will not post no more.

It is NOT demons. That’s delusional man…


That were voices(hallucinations) when i was 25.Now it’s different.

No @anon70049667 you’re voices are hallucinations they do not come from demons.
No such thing.
These are delusions.


I can’t prove it,so let be how you wanted.Eatherway,doesn’t change the ting.

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