I have changed

I don’t feel comfortable with the change. I look like a different person and I think like a different person. It’s only my memory that remind me I’m that person who is long gone. I can’t find my value with this degraded person.

Could you explain how you’ve changed? Hope you feel better soon

I’ve changed too since I was hospitalised. I think we all have. It’s probably for the better. We have a tendency to only remember the good things sometimes and forget the really bad stuff.


I wanted to open a similar thread but now i wont :smile:

Anyway, psychosis changed me too. And i believe it is for the better. It changed me in a way that now i am more confident, i appreciate myself more now and know my worth. I used to worry what other people were thinking about me but not anymore. I just dont care anymore. I mean i do a bit but a whole a lot less.

But not in an arrogant way like i dont care what you think go ■■■■ yourself. I respect people and their opinion if someone makes a remark about me and i sense it is true i try to change for the better and listen, but if someone just say something about me which i KNOW it is not true or that others are “judging” me because of how they perceive me and i know it is not like that i just dont care. Not a bit. I know me and that is the most important thing.

All this thanks to that that nasty bitch that was constantly telling me why im worthless before i was hospitalized. I thought it was my neighbour. And of course it was the voice. And i thought it was real. So i stopped caring what she was saying and what she and others “knows” about me.

The voice is gone, but me not caring anymore attitude stayed. :sunglasses:


right through our life we change…
are we the same… when we were babies or children…
are we the same… when we were teenagers or young adults…
change = growth = maturity= knowledge = wisdom… :heart_eyes:
take care :alien:


I hope I have changed. I realized once I was on meds how arrogant I was and judgemental and I don’t want to be that anymore.


I have changed a lot since last summer. I hope ill get used to it