I have brain damage cognitive impairment

I’m on invega injection does anyone think I should do everything possible to get off this drug. It could be making it worse. I’ve been trying to heal from an incredibly bad relapse on paliperidone. But I’m done healing from psychosis and delusion. I just want pills and a different drug. Any suggestions. I have brain damage. Lots of impairment. Things are incredibly hard for me.

I don’t know if anybody is going to talk to someone who says they have brain damage. But I’m so alone. I’m still driving. I work snow removal. And I am just barely doing this. I feel like invega is the worst antipsychotic. But I am so damaged I can’t get what I want. I need help. Yes believe it or not I am typing and processing somewhat with brain damage. Would Latuda be my best bet. I need a better antipsychotic

No one knows how you will react to Latuda. This illness is playing wack a mole with antipsychotics. Til you find what the medication that works for you but does the least harm.

I don’t know why my doctor put me on invega. Isn’t it supposed to be the dirty antipsychotic with the worst reputation. It made me shuffle when they put me on it. I still don’t walk right. Just a little off. It shut down my sexual functioning. I have high prolactin low testosterone. I can feel my heart struggling. And my poor brain. Isn’t Latuda better

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If it is doing that to you. I would try switching to Latuda does come with its own set of side effects. I can only tell you I had no side effects being on 180mg Geodon and 40mg Latuda.

I am longterm considering - making Latuda higher dose and lowering Geodon, so switching to see if it helps with my mood. Because Latuda also has an anti depressant affect.

Sometimes. I’m just so worried about my brain. I guess I’m disabled mentally for the rest of my life. But invega. My doctor has killed me

What is keeping you from changing meds or doctors who will change your meds for you.

Okay well. This is actually my second time trying to communicate on this site. And that is my real name I can’t figure things out hardly. I am in real trouble. If I told you about my life as a schiz. You wouldn’t believe it. I’m just glad I’m doing this right now. Invega is bad. I may just have to live and die on this drug. I wish I could get off. But I do have damage and I’m trying to keep my car


I am sorry - I believe you. I believe everything you said. I just wanted to tell you if Invega is doing this to you, you should try something else. Maybe Latuda as you asked about.

How long ago was your brain injury? I broke my neck in 2001, and have a left front lobe brain injury. It wreaks Havoc with me for years, so I can relate. I am also schizophrenic, obviously

I feel you on feeling brain damaged. I can barely think. Cognitive impairment is a real pain in the ass.

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Sorry I’m trying to charge my phone here. Two years ago I’ve been out of a long crazy delusion. With religious psychosis. For two years. I’m out. I’m a different person. But I’m not free. I’m damaged


Cognitive impairment is almost impossible to deal with

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Yes, I agree. I can barely problem solve, come up with new ideas, follow what’s going on in the news etc. Haven’t quite figured out an answer to this problem yet.

Not even completely sure I’m schizophrenic, as I haven’t hallucinated yet. I have all the social cognitive issues and general cognitive issues that schizophrenics have. Nothing worse than loosing you cognitive abilities. As cognition is important for everything. Being able to relate to others, etc. Even if you loose your looks, most people have a brain to be proud of, well I’m not too proud of what my brain is capable of.

I would just like to know what’s going on in the news. Or enjoy the Batman. Or just get information into my head. It’s hard. It’s hard to explain isn’t it?

Yup, I’m completely with you on that. Don’t even really know what’s going on with Ukraine and Russia. Wish I had a political opinion on that matter. All I know is it has something to do with war.

And Ukraine is putting up a fight. But that’s the extent of my knowledge. I know there’s a lot more nuance to it than that.

This is so funny. I’ve never knew other schizophrenics. We’re as hardcore as me

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Yeah, I’m still trying to figure out if there is a way to deal with my cognitive impairment. Cause everyone else on this sight seems to at least be able to follow the news. I’ve thought, is there a way schizophrenia is supposed to be this bad?