I have been tested for Lyme disease (borella)

I convinced my psychiatrist(s) to do a Lyme disease borella blood test

after responding to several anti biotics like minocycline, cipro, amantadine (not an anti biotic but an anti viral)
and that anti septic spray also nizoral shampoo for yeast infections on the body (my belly)

i hopefully know more this upcoming week, i will keep everybody updated.


Glad you got the tests. Better to know these things.

thanks everhopeful, for your kind words.

I had literally ten ticks crawl on me the other day…I must’ve stepped on a nest…but I quickly pulled them all off

damn turningthepage that was dangerous

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been tested positive for lymes, got the results

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Oh my god, so it means you’re infected. That’s why antibiotics used to work against your symptoms. Now you can get proper treatment right? Good luck!

feel quite upset about it, they have been drugging me for a decade with non related medications atypical anti psychotics

Holy ■■■■. That is a huge thing for doctors to miss! How are they going to proceed now?

i will know tomorrow

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It turns out they were big ticks (dog ticks not deer ticks) which I got, which don’t carry lymes. Still nasty little buggers. I live in Connecticut where lymes disease originated. We’re known for our ticks.

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it seems many people are infected

I got lymes too. They figures it out through a medical study i was in at columbia in ny. They are doing a lot of reasearch on pyschosis/lymes there. I have not been on antibiotics since, but maybe ill try that. They estimated my infection to be ~three years old. My symptoms of sz are around the same. Or less.

If you find your doctor to not take you seriously you can write columbia with your results and they might help you and at least explain wheter your numbers are going down and if you should monitor it/or take more antibiotics or do other things.

What are your lyme-symptoms? I dont know what my symptoms are - i am never healthy enough to compare.

depression, fatigue, brain fog, concentration and neg symptoms…

I have all that too - but do you hve a way of distinguishing lymes from sz? Thats where I kind of give up. I can tell tht before lymes and SZ I was very different. But since they happened around the same time I can’t say what symptoms belongs where. Your immune system will eventually supress the lymes more and more (if you are somewhat healthy and lucky). Best of luck!

i got schizo around the time of lyme too

my doctor sais the lyme gave me schizophrenia : (

I don’t think they can tell that fully? My doctor said that my sz symptoms might very well stem from the lymes, but that my sickness did not have the most common combination of symptoms or whatever an that it was impossible to be sure.

If your doctor says yours stem from lymes: go ahea and get doxyclocin or whatever that antibiotics is named! You might recover!

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Aerman i tried minocycline en cipro eardrops and got a remission

but minocycline gave me bad (not the first time) side effects

do you think doxy will have same safe effect at first?

You should call the people at columbia. Since they do reasearch they will not charge you. They are the best people on lymes disease on the planet. They are nice and understand sz symptoms. Good at explaining.

General Inquiries:

Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases Research Center
Columbia University Medical Center
1051 Riverside Drive, Unit 69
New York, NY 10032


Remember that I havent tried antibiotics yet ( they suggested doxycycline though), and that I am no doctor - but I have spoken to the lyme research center and they are great!


@Aerman he’s not from U.S…???