I took a Doxycycline yesterday


Had some extra doxycycline and I pulled a deer tick off me the other daySo I took one as a preventative measure especially because I was starting to feel sick and anxious, literally between 10 seconds I felt a lot better. I heard doxycycline can treat schizophrenia and it did make me feel more calm right away and maybe treated my lime disease, but God I am sensitive to medication. I don’t think it’s a placebo because I didn’t know what to expect but Klonopin, when I take one I feel better right away. Within seconds


I’m feeling sick again like I have limes so I took another doxycycline and I feel little bit better again. I really hope I don’t have limes disease. I think I’m going to keep taking the doxycycline because it seems to be helping whatever I’m dealing with


Dude! Abusing antibiotics is how superbugs happen! You should never have extra antibiotics. You should always take exactly as many as your doctor prescribes when he prescribes them! Taking a partial dose means that the bacteria that survived the first dose are even stronger, and learn to develop a resistance to antibiotics.


I did follow doctors instructions. I don’t want to go into details because I’m feeling sick just threw up. Ok I feel a bit better now but he said if u pull a tick off you take two doses of doxycycline and that’s exactly what happened. He wanted me to take 21 days worth but I stopped after the test came back negative. When I told him that he said “well if you find another tick take two doses as a preventative measure.”


Hey Gratitude,

Please let us know about your progress n this thread. Hope you get better soon !


I think in have lyme disease too after a cured with minocycline


Be careful @Gratitude!


sorry i meant temporary cured , sorry folks i m sure its chronic and i have schizo because of it