Mental Health Services Threatened me

I was just told if I do not comply, I will be subject to a mental health act assessment and possibly be sectioned

In the end I had to agree to Amisulpride at 1.2g a day instead of 800mg

Now I have to deal with the crisis team, so might end up in hospital still but I will try hard not to get there

I hate hospitals


Probably out of stock of other meds because of COVID-19. I wish you the best with the Med increase!

I don’t understand why it doesn’t matter that you where recently running your own business and being a productive member of society.

These people don’t care. I was doing well with my business. Now it’s gone and I have a new job - which I am trying my best to keep

I am just upset to be treated like this

Calm down. Stop being so combative and take the advice and drugs.

Your seriously not helping yourself by constantly moaning at them.

Plus the fact, you been pissing about with your meds as well for the past few months.

And this is what happens when your not med-compliant.

Sorry mate. Suck it up.


The stress was the worst thing. I was doing to many things at once - med reduction, probation in new job, and buying a new home

What I don’t understand is why I am still stressing when all those things are gone.

1.2grams a day of Amisulpride is a joke.

I have a physical health check on Monday now as well

Crisis team are coming for god knows how long. I am going to suck it up and be nice just to get rid of them

This wasn’t about moaning. My parents told me I needed to talk to them about my symptoms, and this is the result

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I will try!!!

I hear you, i really do. But i knew this was coming - from your recent strange posts, but kept my gob shut.

Just take the meds mate. Going by your posts, you certainly have gone downhill a bit

I know i come across as blunt, and a misery at times - but its of your own making fella. I applaud you for trying with the work and that - but maybe if you stuck to your medication regime in the first place, you wouldnt be in this position now.

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I agree. Appreciate you saying that as I do need to hear it

@ZombieMombie told me to sort it out, and I have tried but too many steps have gone backwards for my original doses to help

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I guess an optimistic take on the situation is that they are doing their best to make sure your healthy… Anyway, good luck.

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Just follow the program and take your meds. That’ll go a long way in helping you achieve autonomy

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I will do.

Need to start working with them more now as they have forced the issue

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Stay on 1.2g and comply, maybe later they will bring it down to 800mg.


Keep your cool, then. If you’re too desperate or angry they will figure you need a long stay at the hospital. Just calmly reason with them if you can. It might not work, but it is your best bet.

It worked out just fine in the end I am stable more so now and I have adjustments to my job


I’m sincerely happy you are dong better @Joker.


A celebration is in order. Bare that ankle, would you?



Thanks :blush: @oolaloola

@velociraptor you will have to save yourself for Christmas Dinner!



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