Forced to be compliant now

Now I have no choice but to engage with MH services.

I will ride the storm, but this ‘treatment’ forced by the only other option left which is hospital, will not be forgotten

Thinking of taking a holiday to get away from all the BS

All I wanted was for them to leave me alone, yet they use coercive tactics to make me comply

It’s threatening behaviour in a frame of caring about others safety

I know how to cross the road thanks.


Come on people, someone must be in a similar boat?

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I don’t have a pdoc since Jan 2021. All I do for my mental health is taking Risperidone daily.


Im kinda done with therapy, it didnt work.
I like my psychiatrist but see her only once in 3 months.

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This is all they care about.

Are you feeling physically mentally stable to go on vacation - go for it.

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I was in that boat for years after i got netted and thrown in a ward. Then i realised that it was my own boat, and that i was the one sailing. I started stratigically acting nice and sweet. Although it was planned it was genuine. The old addage you get more bees with honey then vinigar rings true. Shortly after i was able to quietly drift away from seeing any pdocs. And i now work with my gp to put myself on whatever medications i want to.

It also took a lot of suffering and hardship to realise that im not opressed by anyone but myself and maybe my illness itself. Those teams are a resource to be used. And if you cant act in a non agressive way. They will make descisions for you.

It took hard work to stop having freakouts or situations where it got to be i couldnt manage myself. Because what other option do i have. I dont want to be in anyone elses hands but my own.


This is where I want to be

Apparently because I was on the bed-list and under the crisis team only 2 weeks ago, they will not let me go :frowning:

All’s I’ll say is are you dealing with it all with your current symptoms? It’s hard and it’s part of the process to think otherwise.

Play the game. You have more to lose not than by playing and that is just setting you up for a poorer outcome.

Life is so much harder doing it alone. I can attest to that and I’ve mega support. I know it’s hard but please. It’s not hard to accept some help!


Not particularly well.

I have been very patient with them for the past 6 months whilst we find a new AP

In that time I have switched 3

They are letting me take a break from this though, as they understood that my body is in a mess from going to one med to another

It has been hard

I had some funds as a safety net, but they have taken a massive dent

Now I am getting more support from the state, so things are more certain financially now

Still running a deficit of about £500 a month

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Mate. You don’t need to burn bridges. One step at a time and don’t isolate. It’s no fun.

Perhaps develop some hobbies to connect with others beside family. It helps. Sometimes you can’t do all this shite alone!

I wish you so much good vibes as I think your a stand up dude. Don’t cut youself off from whatever there is…all mental health systems are struggling these days.

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Thanks @rogueone

Social Services have referred me to a local charity who do activities

As long as I am not working I can access this service

If I get the job, it won’t happen

I desperately want more connection with the outside world.

You’re right it’s not fun alone

But it has been this way for 9 years now

The problem I have with MH services is the threats they make on me. They know I don’t like hospital, but they deliberately put it back on the table to force me to cooperate with them, which I am unhappy about

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Yes it’s understandable but still. You need to prove you don’t need those options to them. I know it’s hard and I haven’t dealt with those health systems for years but I’m one to get the best out of what I’m given.

Your a smart dude. You have so much to offer the world so find something your interested in and explore…if your not working you need some hobbies and it’s a good way of meeting people…take up those options!

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I will have to try now

My only red line is that I choose what meds I take

Offering the world is hard, as it has not given me much in return

But, if I get this new job, I am hoping I can function better and keep busy

Being off with nothing to do has taken a toll

I know that’s what’s expected by the state, but I am not a fan

Like you say, the hobby thing is important, but I have always struggled with free time

As @velociraptor has said before about me melting down at weekends when I put the computer/tools down I struggle

Really need some help to better myself in this regard, but I really have difficulties focusing/concentrating/motivating to try new things :frowning:

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Yeah it’s tough to teach an old dog new tricks but you’ve the intellect and the gumption to do it.

I can see that. Others can so keep the chin up and move to postitive. It’s good to make stands against things in life. It really is but if it’s your treatment where you are suffering then it’s not. Take stock. Move forward postively. It’s so hard but you can get there…I’m not just blowing smoke. I think you have the tools to more forward and do well with things!

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