I have and miss 4 brothers

Just wanted to explain something. I have 4 brothers. I miss them terribly. I have no sisters. Although it may appear like flirting, it’s really just missing them feelings.

Don’t worry. I’m not looking for romance. Just platonic friendship

Take care. :hugs:

I have 3 older brothers, no sisters.
Women are very competitive with each other, to me, men make better friends.

I have one biological sister, younger than me. Then i have two step-brothers, also younger than me. Like @Csummers though, i think men make the better friends.

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I have female friends. When I’m missing my brothers, though, I tend to surround myself with good, strong, men.

I always wanted a sister.

I have one sister. Then my mom b4 she died married a man with a daughter and a son. I sent a friend request to my stepbrother but he never responded. Maybe it’s bc he doesn’t believe my stepdad molested me. Idk.

I don’t blame my stepbrother for what my stepdad did

I think men make great friends

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I guess because I was so close to my brothers, growing up, that I want placeholders lolol thanks, hon.

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I’m so sorry you were assaulted. I know how that feels. And, it seems to be the norm for people trying to sweep it under the rug.

I hope you’re working on this in therapy. I’m in pms if you need me, any time!

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I forgave my stepdad a long time ago but I think maybe my stepbrother doesn’t want to think of his dad that way.

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Forgiveness is important. It helps us move on. I’m glad you’ve moved on.

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