Poll: Are you friends with your brother(s) (if you have one)

This is for the guys.

Are you friends with your brother(s)

  • Yes
  • No
  • I’m female but wanted to vote
  • I don’t have any brothers

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Curious as to why you wanted to know about guys specifically? Do you think guys are less likely to be friends w their brothers?

My brothers are all pretty tight with each other. We’re a close knit family though.


Yes, so just testing the theory.

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LOL all the votes are girls :joy::joy:


I don’t think people are taking my poll seriously :persevere: or maybe they are really all female :thinking:

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I wonder what the girl/guy ratio is on this site



My only brother was quite abusive to me when I was younger and is very backwards and bigoted so I’m not friends with him

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My brother and I are not extremely close but we got closer ever since my two Hospitalizations.
I think that he was affected by my recent stays in the Psych Hospital.
He stood by my side when I was at my lowest and visited me in the Hospital frequently.

He is very busy and holds a high stress powerful position in the corporate world but still manages to call me or text me everyday.

Yes, I consider him my friend.


I don’t have brothers but am friends with my sisters.

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I have a sister but she is like a sociopath, she doesn’t hate me so I think that I’m her friend. :thinking:

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I have a brother, but he is a piece of ■■■■. Pretty much cut him out of my life when I was 20, then completely severed all ties to him shortly after our dad died four years ago. I don’t even know if he’s alive or dead, doesn’t matter either way.


I’m a female and I have 2 older brothers and 1 younger brother.

I don’t even know with my oldest brother. I can’t tell if he hates me or not. My head always says he does. He has issues and needs to get off drugs, though. I think that’s why.

Second oldest brother is a judgmental ass, most of the time. I wouldn’t say we’re close, but we have had our good moments.

My baby brother and I are pretty tight. I’d say we’re close, although we’ve had are share of silly, trivial sibling fights. I actually haven’t heard from him in a while, I should give him a call.

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my brother is always trying to motivate me and asking me if i have read the bible recently and asking if i need help with my online classes and how I’m doing and wants me to go places with him and do chores that he was told to do and ■■■■ and usually i just don’t want to be bothered or do anything

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I have a half brother and sister through the father I have on papers but I do not think he is my real father it seems.

I have two half brothers on my mums side.

The brother n sister are very disrespectful and have attacked me with army’s.
That brother I would get up 5am every morning to feed.
He seemed to eat my energy in a way and I was white,pale,malnourished yet still giving to him n he was then chubby arrogant and spoiled and my then grandmother told me to keep giving to him.

All of them seem to disrespect me.
It’s their parents perhaps.

The eldest brother on my mums side had a delightful laughter.
I made him laugh which was precious moments.

I am not close with any of them but like to send them Xmas card.
Maybe not every year but something is something.

I did not go to the brother and sisters wedding.
I have difficulties with social events and crowds and I am not close to them and they have had tantrums and attacked me so I do not want to be around them or have them around me.

The other two brothers more peaceful perhaps.

I am not in contact with them but try to send Xmas card.

I give the two brothers in Sweden my love :two_hearts:through mum.:blush:

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I may have love for them I reckon.:blush::two_hearts::ghost:

But they are bad behaved n disrespectful it seems and have been horrid behaved but I think it’s their parents doing unfortunately.
So not entirely their fault perhaps.

They had very different upbringing to me.
They had financial security and friends and were not bullied and lived in same place etc

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I have one sibling, my older sister. ( i am male). We were very close all throughout childhood… in psychosis I became very distant from all the people in my life and that included her… it gets me sad to think about what I’ve lost in terms of relationships w others

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I have two friends - brothers, married with kids, the wives do not get along and they are distant after some fights. The guy lives a street away and does not visit him. I visit them both.

My cousins are two brothers -they started a business together and I love them both. The wives are supposedly best friends and they bought their houses very close to each other. I wish them well but they fight a lot already.

My bf only says happy birthday to his brother on Facebook. I do not interfere.

My dad has/had 4 brothers. We did not talk to any of them while I was growing up. Now they reconciled but no one likes the other.

My other friend does not talk to one of his brothers. They do not even text each other for money issues.

I have never seen two brothers in a good relationship with each other.

I have one brother and one sister and the only reason we are very close is because usually I say OK for everything. My sister is my best friend although I can not live the life she lives.

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Both my brother and my brother in law treat me real well. Any time they’re in the area they stop by and take me out to eat. I call my brother once a week.


I may be proud of Them for some things at sometime despite the way they have behaved to me I still have some love :heart:️ for them.

My brothers and sister are all successful in a way such as they are all educated and financially independent and they all have friends and they all have their own home and they all get holidays at least once a year.

I am happy they are well and doing well but I do not want to tolerate disrespect and attacks.

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I have two brothers, including a twin, and I have always been very close of them.

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