Did you grow up with siblings?

I had two sisters and a brother and feel it’s important to have the experience. But since I was born the world population has gone up three billion people so maybe it’s not a good idea. Did you like your siblings? I was never lonely as a child. I remember watching TV with my youngest sister and we were gone! The way we got absorbed in the TV was really amazing - what an escape!

I always made friends easily and had plenty of company at home. Maybe that’s why I don’t have friends today: I’m not used to earning them.

You may see videos on YouTube about splendid solitude but I know those loners are usually with friends part of the time. I feel like I’m in a deluxe solitary confinement. I’ve got to build up my strength to get to a place where people meet or I’m going to freak out one day when someone explodes into my world. It really is jarring.

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I grew up sort of with four siblings. I say sort of because they are at least eight years older than me. They are all amazing though. And we are close despite distance. I love them to bits.


I have two sisters I get along with very well.

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I grew up with two sisters, a step brother and step sister. I also had two cousins. I was a middle child. Now all of them either moved or I never see them because they’re into their own life stuff. I miss being part of a family I see everyday. Now I’m a lonely adult living alone. I do have a dog and bird though.

I only had a sister who’s eleven months older than me. We were raised by a single mom.

a sister and a brother.

I have a sister and a brother.

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I have one older sister. She’s the most arrogant person you could ever meet.

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They are countries in the world having a one child policy but changed it to a two child policy for reasons i can’t disclose.

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