I have a wealth of mental health experience

but what should i do with it all?

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Keep surviving . Keep fighting the disease.


Write a book?


Keep using it to maintain your management of the disease


I’ve taken 3 CBT courses and have read numerous psychology articles. I apply my knowledge and my experience to myself to improve myself.

What would you enjoy doing with it?

Im rather frustrated that i do nothing constructive with my time but voices and covid are holding me back…i feel im quite good dealing with the homeless but confidence is an issue if i ever thought i could work as a social worker that is

If you could do anything, with no anxiety or illness holding you back, what would you do?

i suppose i would have a certain amount of pride if i thought i was capable of being a psychiatric nurse…

.i think i understand mental illness particularly well, considering ive been through enough psych sh!t for the past 30+ years since age 13 anyway,

with experience of being badly bullied at high school, developed a nervous disorder as a result, also severe acne in my teens alienated me from girls, and has left me a 45 yr old virgin, the reason i say that is it gives me a certain amount of humility which i think is very valuable if you work in the mental health sector…

also i was bullied as an adult which left me with strong feelings of hatred towards the adult bully, it was easier to forgive the bullies at school but this adult bully really made me hate…

also ive had the unfortunate experience of being really badly severely depressed…and then schizophrenia hit at 26 which has been screwing me round for the past 19 yrs…anyway, i do think i have some valuable experiences when it comes to mental illness

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