What am i to do with all my bloody experience

so i dont really think i could make a therapist, not sure id be able to concentrate to all a patient tells me…and it would be challenging to say the least to come up with good advice all the time

alsoi dont think id necessari;y make a psychiatric nurse…i have the knowledge of mental illness yes BUT i dont think i’d be great at giving advice to patients or would I?? The same goes for being a social worker

i just dont know what i should do, i have a huge amount of experience when it comes to being mentally ill….i have sz 18 yrs, i jhave had severe suicidal depression, social anxiety, OCD’s, been the victim of bullying in high school, and also briefly as an adult…i had severe acne as a teenager which also led to me being a virgin (still). i undersatnd im an outsider, i have no friends…ANYWAY, IM WONDERING WHAT THE HECK MY LIFE IS ABOUT, I HAVE LONG EXPERIENCE IN BEING MENTALLY ILL, I have learned alot and feel i can relate to mentally ill folk but i feel i have no prospects when it comes to jobs and i just wonder if there be a focus for my life. i feel like im wasting away…i always thought sz was teaching me for a higher purpose but now i wonder what the heck

what im asking you is what should i do with my experience…

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Use it to keep yourself alive and out of trouble !


know that there is more to your life ahead
More of the same or all different

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I don’t think you should give up on your dreams just because you would struggle to give good advice. They teach you all sorts of techniques and skills during the education to become a therapist or a psych nurse.

And sometimes, patients don’t really want advice. They just need someone to listen without judging.

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thanks mikka, that is uplifting

You ever thought about just general nursing? Being a patient of the health system will give you a leg up and you can see how it all goes without committing to something specialized. Psych nursing is stressful. I have a close friend who had to leave it and it wasn’t pleasant. You can always specialize later.

Maybe you could write a book about it. Several of the people who have been on this site have done that.

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There’s no shame in being a virgin. I don’t have many friends either, it really isn’t the end of the world. Stay positive, focus on what makes you happy. I’ve decided that one of the real troubles surrounding my mental illness has been unemployment. I’m “treading carefully” because I don’t want to upset my health too much, but I can’t help but think if I had more money it could solve some of my problems. So I’m focusing on upskilling so I can try to get a job. By the way, Niacin is good for acne I’ve been told, I never had skin problems yet when I take Niacin [500mg] I can eat chocolate at the same time and not get spots.

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