Fed up with mental illness :(

fed up with it :thumbsdown:

mental illness stinks :shit:

Do something that is not “mentally ill”. Go for a bike ride, visit a friend, phone a family member, bake a cake. Remind yourself you are not your disease and can still have a good quality of life and it doesn’t affect every minute of every day. Days come and go, bad and good ones.


i’m not going to let it win, i am better than that.


Yes, you come across as a very nice person.


I feel the same way but we have to live with it. We have to bear it and endure.


Fed up with myself,sometimes i think suicide

:frowning: … suicide is horrible, worst thing you could do, we are still alive at least and as long as we are alive then i think there is hope for us, tc

Thank you,I will bear on and not let my life become a mass