I have a tribunal for my community treatment order

I have been on a community treatment order since 2013. When they introduced CTO’s in the U.K. they were meant to be used short term… Anyway I have another managers panel tribunal to get off the CTO. I received my reports and it doesn’t look good… They wrote I’ve been disengaging, had irritability, suspiciousness and paranoid thoughts, verbal aggression, rapid speech, rapid thoughts… I also had a section 135 warrant to recall me back to hospital after I refused the injection. It looks like they’ll renew it for another year… I makes me feel confused reading all the reports as I feel like I haven’t got anything wrong with me…

My community nurse said I’m quite disabled by the illness especially with the mood symptoms but I disagree. All I want is to move into my own accommodation and get a cat… They won’t let me… my social worker and community nurse continue to make it difficult for me to move and be independent… They won’t allow me to be in control of my money… so I’m stuck here in supported living (group home) I have no control over my life…

Why did they put you on a CTO @bobbilly did you refuse treatment?

Don’t worry about saying if you don’t want to. You can always pm me if you want

I refused the injection… And I have been involuntarily hospitalised many times, the CTO is in place to recall me back to hospital quick if I refused the injection.

Is that all it’s for? Or do they have other powers to force you to do stuff?

Sorry for the questions, I don’t know much about CTO’s.

I have only been sectioned after being voluntarily a patient and then trying to leave when they don’t want me too.

They can only force me to have the injection… If I miss it by two weeks I’m recalled back to hospital and forced to have it… You would think I am dangerous the way they treat me but I have no history of being dangerous. I think people in prison have more rights then people on CTO’s. At least when your in prison you have a release date.

Would you take the meds now if you were not on a CTO?

It’s not just about being a danger to others. It’s also about being a danger to yourself if you go off meds.

no I wouldn’t…

My CTO just got renewed :confused:

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@bobbilly You need to think about what you need to be doing to have a legitimate reason to be taken off the CTO. By that I don’t mean saying what you think will please the team providing your care , but not really believing it yourself .

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