They're renewed my community treatment order again

I thought I had just a normal 6 monthly appointment with psychiatrist on Wednesday just gone - to discuss my community treatment order. An AMHP social worker turns up. In the meeting she asks me about my thoughts around my current CTO, I told her I was indifferent, told her I like it but don’t like taking the depot medication. She asked me about my last hospitalisation in 2016 and the psychosis which I seriously harmed myself cutting a microchip out my armpit. They decided to renew it for another year. I’m not that bothered really. I have been on a continuous community treatment order since 2011. I believe I haven’t got anything mentally wrong with me, does this prove that I do? Do you think when you cross over into self harm from psychosis they’ll continue renewing CTO every year as they are worried if not on medication I’ll cut microchip out again? I have been on a continuous CTO since 2011. Is that the longest a persons been on?


I guess their concern is that if you’re not on a CTO you’ll stop your meds , and get really ill again.


I’ve been On a ato, alternative treatment order, court order since 2011 too . My voices were telling me to stab myself. I tried to do it and ended up in the hospital.


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