I have a question about psychotic episodes

When you had a psychotic episode, did you have really vivid imagination and numerous fears going in your head? Did you repeat the same words over and over?

I’ve been okay for maybe 10 years now but I still remember that moment.


Yes to this

and no to this


I would say I had a vivid imagination and numerous fears, but I didn’t have the same words over and over.

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Thanks so much for replying. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, could you say what is real and what is not real?

Asking because I was quite confused.

I’m not quite sure about your question, but when I was psychotic I thought magic was real. I thought everyone else had a grasp of magic, but I couldn’t understand it and they were using it to take advantage of me. This is something that didn’t clear up until I started medication.

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Yes, to both. I would sometimes lay there trying to understand my thoughts and my eyes would roll about in my head as if I was trying to string them together to make sense of them, but the thoughts would run out of reach. It gave me migraines and everything felt too bright.

Is this what you’re going through right now?

I wouldn’t say these two points alone would indicate you have psychosis, but they sound like parts of the experience.

I wouldn’t say it was my imagination it seemed really real, but now perhaps I could describe it that way. I mainly deal with delusions and paranoia and they can get pretty wild/carried away

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I always get a stinking headache after ive had an “episode” - i dont realise it at the time, but when i come too, i realise how ridiculous ive been. Its almost like being drunk - you swear blind your right at the time, but when the meds kick in, i know ive been on another planet for a while.

Its a temporary loss of insight. It scares me.

Not happened for a long time now tho.


I’ve been stable for years but my psychotic episodes were different than yours if I understand you correctly, but I do remember almost all my psychotic episodes in pretty good detail.

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Yes.i was scared about the voice having control over my rest of my life and afterlife.

And I did see things on walls and the clouds and made up abbreviations for car numbers plates.

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I imagined things that didn’t really happen. Or that now looking back on them don’t seem possible. Things like walls covered with blood, trees growing out of cement, naked babies in the trees, rivers in the desert. I guess hallucinations. Sometimes fear, sometimes wonder or confusion.


Yes, I was deeply afraid to go outside. I kept seeing people wearing black driving around me.

I thought the voice I was hearing at the time was the FBI talking to me through a signal in my phone.

It’s so bizarre now in hindsight.

When I was in the military I had an additional duty where I rubbed shoulders with people who worked in intel. That probably didn’t help my mental development.

Never repeated words though.

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Definitely had a vivid imagination, with lots of ideas, theories and paranoid conspiracies. Was like my mind was making calculations about all the events of my entire life.
Didn’t repeat the same words though.

Are you still on antipsychotics and how many episodes have you had?

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Psychosis was a very, very heavy experience.

Lots of rabbit holes, paranoia, and racing voices.


No voices for me fortunately. It was just like I knew everything I thought was real. Literally crazy, I can remember most of it very clearly.

I used to hear a voice that sounded like a skeleton idk how else to describe it. But they would say “we’re gonna find you” “we’re coming for you” etc. so I started punching walls trying to escape the walls closing on me @emotions

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