I have a persicitaory delusion

I have the delusion that the illuminati is out to get me any way out of it


Yes. Stop visiting conspiracy websites. They can easily convince you of anything if you’re a paranoid schizophrenic.


Yes, don’t look at prophetic / doomsday stuff, you will make yourself ill. Schizophrenics have a frustrating tendency to apply everything they read to themselves.

You really are just some guy, not a target.

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even if they existed, what makes you so special? You are just a random person.

They tell me iam the weakest being out of all the aliens and people cuz I smoke cigs

That’s why I switched to nicotine spray lol. Actually remember that you are only a droplet in a sea and no one is targeting you

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Thank you I realy want to be like everone else but my voices keep saying iam the most speacle beang ever and made history by smoking cigs

I smoke. Nobody cares about cigarettes. Honeslty.

I’m afraid of the illuminati, deep state, shadow government, and aliens too.

It’s TRUE thank you

What makes you scard

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I talk about computer simulation theory, end of the world, i think I was in the illuminati in a past life, and I discovered stuff and was creative and smart.

That and I’m convinced the deep state, illuminati, aliens, and shadow government gave me schizophrenia at Berkeley from either a Facebook post or flirting with the wrong girl in college.

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Yeah they tell me the illuminati is immortal and controls the world with there mind and tortures people that die and that the lizard people seeded earth

They tell me that iam the best candidate to get tortured and that your not real and the real you is a god some where that I can never be

A lot of stuff I cannot talk about because of the rules here.

They tell me that the food I eat is not food and the emotions i have are fake

Keep telling me that I made history in the whole entire multiverse in the existence of every thing

That’s the illness talking.

My story is long and would probably get flagged.

The only thing is see would get it flagged is religion