The devil has it out for me

It seems like the universe has it out for me on making me delusional. There is coincidents about me and my delusions every where from history to the credits in movies and street names. My voices say that they are god and the illuminati and chose me to go to hell to suffer ulimited pain and rape for ever for being weak and smoking cigs. Does any one else have this or feel like the devil or even God is messing with them or made them as a joke and or have unilimited coincidents about them or there delusions and feel like they are chosen for something due to coincidents.


I went through that type of stuff earlier in my life.


Not really. I had delusions about the Illuminati and crap but that’s about it.

Did you get coincidents every where I even get them in video games

I get synchronicities. They’re happening less and less though. I feel more in tune with the actual randomness of what is going on these days.

Do you get them in media or movies about you?

When it was bad I was totally in sync with everything going on, to a scary degree. I was having conversations with TV and everything, regardless of what show was going on.

It’s not nearly as bad now. Maybe like 1/10th or less of what it was.

How long have you been on an antipsyvhotic for?

The devil mainly has it out for me when I’m psychotic. Yeah

Do you have many coinisidnets

Nearly everything becomes a coincidences wen I was psychotic cos people’s around me were saying wat I was thinking.

The illuminati is not god they worship the devil and the devil is not god. Just dont believe it jesse, tell them they arent real and ignor them, tell them to leave you alone

Honestly my entire schizophrenia delusion is based off of the illuminati. I’m an artist rapper and I have specific artists in my head their voices match and everything has come around that. I had messaged one of the “voices” prior to being diagnosed and losing my ■■■■ and now it turns out the illuminati is supposedly real and they know everything about me. They are all laughing at me because I won’t “run home” Its a marathon apparently just like some music out there has claimed. It’s crazy because music Is my life and the only reason I am still alive and now I have to fight the “illuminati” every day. I don’t duck with it so I just push that away even if everything In my delusion could be real I’d rather just stay schizophrenic instead of trading in all my values and beliefs on music and people. I get treated like ■■■■ by these voices and I refuse to give them any power. I love myself and my music and I’m not going to allow schizophrenia to turn me against one of the biggest supports and strengths in my life

We all go through these struggles but metaphysical issues can be damaging for those who use this website.

Promoting some concepts can be damaging for those who use this site so please keep things in within a recovery setting.

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