I have a feeling(share)

I currently have a feeling that my mental health is like going downhill,I hope I wasn’t right and my intuition is wrong.i been taking my abilify and mirtazapine,it’s been all well for a month,now this is the fifth week…I hope my meds doesn’t poop out,I don’t wanna live in hell like I used to for 4 years

Talk it over with your doc Mobc. Maybe he can suggest some strategy to stave off a relapse. I have the same problem lately. Some days my life seems over, the next day I’m driving through Jack-in-the-Box getting a coke or enjoying a walk to the store.


I have found that when I’m in the swing of doing great, (flip) falling apart… (flop) doing great again and it’s not a family stress issue, it’s usually a med issue. I agree with 77nick77… talk it over with your doc.