I hate people who makes me feel guilty

they makes me feel guilty so i do harmful things like smoke , do drugs, eat unhealthy, sleep all day, waste time. they try to make me feel guilty for being angry. women do this really well but men can do this too. i feel guilty even more when i don’t live up to their demand. they are like little terrorists with no life. they think they had all figured out. at the end of the day my mental and physical health suffers.

how can i do everyday things without them kicking me out of groups, threaten to lock me out, give me no access to washroom because i am not going to suck up to them?

i used to be one of the guilt givers before but now I’ve changed. why can’t they change like me?

People can change. I’m not the punisher I used to be because I saw that it did harm and didn’t work anyway. But your friends have to want to change as you did. Give them reason to want to change by being nice.

Love yourself more, take care of your body. Eat well, stop doing drugs, sleep as much as is reasonable (try not to overdo it, you get used to it). Find part-time work, too, that will go a long way to making yourself feel confident. Doesn’t have to be in-person, you can find something online if you look hard enough.

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The most important thing is not to do drugs.


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