Do people mek you feel guilty?

my hubby meks me feel guilty a lot like yesterday the neighbour ad a go at me for banging the door
i said i doint cos the door was left open
anywayy irate bloke got his sledgehammer threatened me with it so i said come n do it then you idiot

anywayty hubby decided to say to me omg we will have to move now cos you upset the neighbour!!!
so last niight after a right nice 2 days of calm

the voices thundered in mi head

and this morning i was told by dominant one to drop kick hubby. i didnt

tonight made pizza for me n hubby n son

hubby just wanted pizz no garlic bread blah blah

he comes back from eating his pizza me n so have some different pizza n garlic bread n he is like oh i thought u were gonna give me some of that obe

now i dont wanna eat my pizza i feel too guilty and the voices told me to shove it in his face n say here ya go

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People make me feel guilty all the time…it’s awful feeling.

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Hi girl! Glad to see you’re back :relieved:

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I really dislike the word “hubby”.

Think a like is horrible to give on this post so (((Hugs))). Nice to see you around also.

I know a man who had a girl friend who threatened him with suicide.

She said repeatedly “if you leave me I will kill myself”.

Did this give her power over him because it made him stay when he didn’t want to.

I don’t feel guilty.
I think I’m a really nice person.
I don’t think I have anything to feel guilty of.

They used to try make me feel guilty about food saying I don’t deserve it etc but I never had anorexia n love me food.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

I feel guilty about doing things against my will or others in my body doing it.
I apolagise to myself for last time I had sex .maybe if it was great sex I wouldn’t apolagise.
I apolagise for letting it happen although it’s more complicated.

One can maybe find a way to communicate about things.
Change.improve .perhaps.

@eduvigis sorry xx i usually call him his nickname but we are secret on here xxxxx sory about that

Hi and thanks ^.^ both you and Sarad

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