Let me feel guilty so I don't have to change

This was told to me by a therapist.
I could see it happening with my mother. She withdrew in great guilt which just continued the neglect.


@chordy was your therapist saying that you use your guilt so you don’t have to change?

Wise words. I try to not get caught up in guilt. Though in the past change has been hard for me. I’ve come to accept it. It gets easier once you get in the habit of changing.

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No, it was just a statement to a group saying that that is one thing people do.

Then I agree with metime’s sentiments. Guilt plays an important factor in human existence. Without guilt, all of our politicians would be sending images of their junk all over the internet.(j/k) Yet it so very easily can get the better of you. Guilt has it’s place but only if it helps you learn from honest mistakes you make and not all the brick a brack that takes up space in your head.

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