I hate my life at this moment

I take 5mg in the morning and then 15mg at night. That way i’m not so sleepy during the day.


I was using 10mg at morning and 10mg at night.

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I would ask if his intent is to use both the two together or to eventually trade the zyprexa for the abilify. Explain your concerns for not tapering and having two atypicals. If your pdoc isn’t willing to listen then you’ll need to find another pdoc. IMO, unfortunately more and more pdocs are polydrugging without concern for side effects.

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You’re not alone. We’ve all been there.


And your title is correct.
It’s only this moment, things might get better.


That one didn’t work wonderfully for me and explosive weight gain was an issue. I’m sure there’s a better med waiting for you to try it. :slight_smile:

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Sometimes, things get worse before they get better. Hang in there :sunny:

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I hope you will feel the good love :heart_eyes: for yourself and your life :rose: soon.

I agree things can get better and there is much evidence of such.:seedling:

Maybe you are just having a few bad days or situations you dont feel good bout.
Try taking extra good care of your self and doing things that can help you to feel better.

Things that to you appear wrong might turn in to humour for you one day and may even make you laugh or bring some other positive reaction to the.

Agree you could try talking to your psychiatrist or some one else that you trust and feel can help you.

Maybe you can express these feelings in to music or in some other way willed it be.

Agree “hang in there” :slight_smile:


sometimes life sucks man, its how we deal with these trial periods that defines us.