I hate my cousins

I had a much better life than them before my sz. Now they have a way better life than me. I am forced to stay in bed all day everyday…

I was forced by my parents to go downstairs and sit with my cousin’s family.

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I hate ppl in real life bcz they remind me of my better self, the unreachable old self.

Sz made me disabled in the brain and reduced my intelligence, I feel mentally disabled.

There’s a part of sz that is a relief. In your original break, you let go of something that burdened you and you have to retrain your whole life according to the new you. Difficult but better.

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I can’t forget my better and old self. How do you do it?

I had ideas about hurting my cousin so I went upstairs.

I think its better and safer for me to isolate myself from everyone maybe except my parents and brothers.

when is vraylar coming out in your country

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I hate my cousins too. F*cking scapegoaters and narcissists.

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Idk maybe in 2 months and it will just help a bit. That’s if it works for my positive symptoms and no side effects.

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did your pdoc already agree to prescribe it? hopefully it helps

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He keep changing his mind. I am changing him if he doesn’t when its out.


Goodness, just because you have an idea to hurt someone doesn’t mean you have to do it. I forget my old self because I was impractical and was bound to fail sooner or later.

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watcha meeaann??

It would have been better if I wasn’t successful before my sz.

I was destructive.

Now that my cousin’s family left our house, I feel calmer and better.