I hate most of my coworkers


How are other people okay with loudly making indirect comments that insult others? It’s so passive aggressive/rude!

I REALLY don’t understand how people think its okay to do this in a professional setting. GROW UP.

Behavior like this makes me wonder who the mental ill person really is.


i know how you feel, that is one of the reasons i am self employed…
part of my job description is destroying worlds, universal domination and creating general chaos…
take care


I’ve had to leave jobs because of stuff like that. My symptoms get bad on the job, it gets visible, people attack, symptoms get worse, and so on. Hope it gets better for you.

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I hate them sometimes. I’ve been putting up with ■■■■ my whole life.What’s a little more going to hurt?

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I hope this won’t make you feel worse, but from a psychological point of view, people around you are a projection of your own being or how you treat yourself. Do you find yourself beating yourself up varbally or do you have trouble with low self-esteem, consciously or unconsciously? If so, stopping these things might help change the situaion. I’m not a psychologist, so this is just an unprofessional opinion. But anyway, how you see/treat yourself or your health condition do affect your circumstances. Good luck.

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I am definitely an awkward person and I can be hard on myself at times, but I feel that I’m at a point now where I am comfortable with who I am.

These comments usually pertain to things completely irrelevant. They’re just being flat out mean.

A little back story: my former boss (who now works as a regular employee) started saying things about me to other coworkers (she does this to others as well) before she resigned. She started claiming that when I was having complications in my pregnancy that I was faking it to not work, which doesn’t make any sense because I don’t get paid to not work. She tried to bully me in to working anyway, threatened to fire me, and gave me the silent treatment when I returned . She also has blamed things on me that are not my responsibility. Her favorite activity is telling everyone that I’m crazy and to loudly say it while I’m in the room. I have not acted in any way (besides being a little awkward) to give her this impression. The worst part about it is that over the past 3 months she’s convinced my new boss (they were already friends before she started her position) that everything I do is weird/crazy. She’s a bully and in tired of it!

My job is very important to me and how I behave is equally as important. The kind of treatment I’ve been putting up with over the past 2 1/2 years is ridiculous, and I can’t just up and quit. :frowning:

It’s OK to dislike coworkers, what matters is being employed and paying bills. Do keep in mind that some of the trash talk might be hallucinations. Once I got on meds I realized that it all wasnt real and cried for once. I seldom cry, but I just felt like I woke up from a nightmare and realized that none of it was real. Not a single bit was real. It was good, I needed to see reality.

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I do make sure that I keep my mind aware of what could be paranoia. When I see it happening to other people and I talk to them about it, I know that what is happening is real.

The things that I stated have been done have be reaffirmed by others.

I also am able to recognize a real voice from a hallucination. A hallucinated voice feels like one or more of my ears is plugged or covered.

That sounds really hard. But I guess you need to make a decision and be responsible for that decision. If you stay at your current job, I think you need to take these people as part of the job and take them for granted to not let them get to you anymore. Instead of trying to change other people, learn skills for keeping out what you don’t want.

But at the same time, you can always think about finding a new job as an option. Cos just trying to be open to other possibilities can reduce some of your stress.

Good luck and I hope this helped.

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