I hate me so much


I hate me I hate me I hate me.

I detest me.

I despise me

I loathe me

I disgust myself…

I’m so ashamed

I don’t know how to be true to myself today

In case anyone is wondering :roll_eyes:

I can’t control my eating today.

The something th time in my life :sob:

I want to be healthy

I don’t need any responses I just needed to vent.


UNLESS you feel disappointed in yourself I’d love to hear.

On a positive note

I am an amazing and wonderful person :rofl:


‘If you hurt me then your only hurting yourself, but wait I love myself then that’s the deal now we looking back at it yeahhh’

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It is OK to hate people it makes me feel better.

Hate gets so much bad press.

Sometimes hate is necessary


It’s stupid to say hate is bad. Hate exists for a reason.



I hate myself too. Over the past couple of days I have eaten a couple of big boxes of these “oatmeal rounds”. They’re very sweet. I’m amazed I haven’t gotten type II diabetes the way I eat sweets.

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Chill it’s not that bad, you just ate some stuff. I’m on an amphetamine comedown :S… Dissapointed in myself as well. I even ordered more :frowning: :skull_and_crossbones:

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@marbles same here haha

@Ozzyskits Feels like I’m throwing my chances at life away man. I’m stable now and then I start f*ing up. To much idle time. To little satisfaction out of life… I gotta find a women. Soon I will start a full time course so that’s positive at least. Funny the dude I speeded with yesterday is called ozzy as well

@anon83141956 It’s okay to hate yourself, acceptance is step one towards loving yourself :slight_smile:

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@Marbles haha that’s actually hes name? Hectic. I just use it on here becuase I’m australian. Having a girlfriend is lovely and amazing but its not a cure-all as I’m sure you know. Yeah I get so sick of the negative symptoms of sza so occasionally I dabble to combat that side of things. Don’t worry brother I’m sure you’ll find your way!


Sorry to go off track a bit there @anon83141956

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Thanks Marbles. It was just a moment of self hate. I’m just self disappointed now and concerned for my health but hopefully it’s all good.

I don’t actually hate anyone for the record, don’t want to send out the wrong vibe on a forum full of vulnerable people too.

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Aw, no worries it’s OK.

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That’s great you didn’t get diabetes. Nice one. Processed food is madly addictive to me too

@Marbles wishing you luck with your addiction. I hope you get to a point where you feel at peace and don’t need the amphetamines for a high.


Thanks Raelyn :slight_smile:

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I’m hoping you don’t really hate yourself. You are a good person who is kind and compassionate.


Thankyou Pianogal. It was very temporary feeling. But it has gone now.

Hope you’re well :slight_smile: