I hate me so much

I told my friend, and I’ll say it to you, try to find some happiness in your life. I’m happy to see him when my friend comes by to visit. I’m 61 and didn’t think I would ever be happy again. It may not last forever, but I’m going to enjoy the time we have together now.


Yea that’s cool :slight_smile:

I’m happy for you too.

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You could love yourself for hating.


What do you mean?

"I came across a man
sitting naked, bestial in a desert.
In his hands he held his heart,
And he ate of it.
I said, “Friend, is that good?”
He said, “Ah, it is bitter, bitter
but I like it, because it is bitter,
and because it is my heart.”

    Stephen Crain
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I hate me just as much, I’m sure. I want to utterly destroy myself. I don’t use any intoxicant and that is a great thing. I don’t even use medication that makes me enjoy sleep. I just might not get up again, so I can’t. My depression is bad, bad, bad. Go on living even if your positive you’ve died. It’s not over till it’s over. There’s always an answer. Live for the good moments.

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@anon83141956 .

You’re a really nice person.
I like to read your posts on the forum.
You’re also such a great artist.
Don’t be hard on you.
You have real personal qualities.
Really. Don’t be mean to yourself.

I’m sure you deserve to be happy.
Everything gonna be alright for you in the future.
It’s just because the mental illness is still in acute phase… :blush:


Yea we have to fight on.
Sorry to hear you’re feeling so bad.

Are you on a high dose of antipsychotics?

Thanks Follement that is so nice to hear! It is refreshing to my ears.

You are a nice, friendly guy and your English has gotten better. Do you speak it with anyone IRL?

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Thank you too !!

The goal is to make you feel better. And I am sincere. :slightly_smiling_face:

No I have no one to talk in English, apart on the forum.
I have some french friends, but I can’t discuss in English with them.

I have a friend who lived in England for a while.
His English is ok.
He’s a neighbor.

I chat on the internet with french or belgian schizophrenics.

I watch some TV shows or movies in English.
It helps me :slight_smile:

See you :blush: @Raelyn_Fenn

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Yes i hate me to, i can’t even stick to my word and kill myself cause i am to chicken.

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I wish I never tried to kill myself. It is one of my top regrets.

Sorry to hear you hate yourself.

I hope it passes.

I personally don’t hate myself anymore but instead I just accept I’ve made some terrible decisions in life. It’s good to accept responsibility so that I can move on.


When I said I hated myself I think I was referring to my Alter ego( main voice) and addiction.

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Yea addictions are hard to beat.

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