I hate fear

People pick up on it.


i fear people can see my soul by looking into my eyes

i fear im going to be in hell all my life

maybe one day it will be safe to be in public and wont loose my family

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you don’t have to live in fear. I would tell your pdoc about this…you could use an adjustment from what I’ve read about you thinking your room mate was laughing at you for hours…that’s not right…not right thinking I don’t think…just my opinion…i know you get offended but it’s how I see it and i can’t unsee it.

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He laughs, but not for hours. Yeah, I need to talk to my therapist.

Yeah the world responds to our feelings. It is kind of interesting. A lot of the time it creates a feedback loop where emotions lead to reality manifesting that create similar emotions which reinforces the reality.

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