Makes me sad

I think one of the worst things are.
People who don’t understand and with this missinformation they are afraid of you.
Looking at someone’s face that has fear all over it.
Fear created by you, looking at you.
It makes me ask myself, “Am I hurting this person? Am I doing something that I cannot see?”
And then this persons fear and misunderstanding of you, turns into fear of your own self.
Questioning your own actions.
“They fear me.” “Should I be feared?” “I’m am afraid now”


dark sith magically turns the fear into joy…
take care
i hope you have a better day…


“we have nothing to fear but fear itself”…? When I used to always think people were made at me (a glitch from sz) I learned that most of the time it was all in my own mind…like someone being afraid…it’s probably in your head and not fear in that person’s face? Maybe I am not understanding your post.


If someone’s afraid of you. It makes you question yourself and makes you slightly afraid of yourself also.


Has something happened? Are you ok?

I used to believe people were deathly afraid of me, and eventually started to freeze up around everyone. It took not caring and not knowing to get me out. I couldn’t let it go for years, but as soon as I did, it left and hasn’t really come back again, just every now and then, only on really bad days. Most of what I have now is just a perception of what I feel that I am, and I’m sure people see about the same thing. Even if they have opinions about me, it doesn’t matter.

A friend mentioned a movie I had seen before, and out of the blue I was thinking “God the main actor in that movie just pisses me off.”. I’m not sure why I thought that at the time, but a few minutes later I realized it was the same actor in one of my favorite movies! :expressionless: Humans are just stupid sometimes.

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I am pretty sure that my therapist is afraid of me - she seems cautious and has a deer in the headlights look to her. She seems nice, but I swear there are times I question her motives :eyes:

I had a therapist like that @Wave. it was obvious that she was trying really hard not to say the wrong things around me. And she was super cautions and very jittery. Like she was afraid I would flip out in public or something.

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I know what you’re saying. I have got the look of horror and fear just a couple times but that was enough to make me take steps to make sure to not do anything to elicit those looks again from people.

@wave @Nzbitnoff I had a psychiatrist like this.:expressionless: He avoided looking directly at me, and when he did had the “deer in the headlights” look. Freakiest thing. I decided to be honest and just ask him if he was ok lol. The rest of the appointment didn’t go well, needlesstosay…

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I can relate a lot. Currently dealing with the fact my parents told my pdoc that they thought I was going to kill them. I have no idea why they would come to that conclusion and makes me look at myself more. I did steal all the knives in the house but that was because of the intruders and they knew that. It is an awful feeling that the people you think are close totally fear you. The looks they give me now is horrible and just makes it worse.