I hate being called a girl

Why are we called girls?

Is it cos men prefer us to look like girls?

I’m glad I look fully woman

Cos that sieves out men who prioritise a girl look in women

I also hate it when men ask for photos of our private parts on dating apps.

It’s so disgusting.

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I’m having a bad day.

I hope work goes well tonight…

Are you usually on night shift?

I had a ten day holiday.

Night shifts start again for me tonight, yea

Is bad mood due to having to start work after holildays?

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Yes probably I have Christmas weight on me, it really affects my work productivity and enjoyment.

How are you doing do you work as well

Right. People here gain weight after Diwali usually.

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Well I would say. I work part time.

A colleague of mine balloons his face if takes weekend vacation or returns from home town. It was really hilarious for me initially.

I have to be honest, its a fine line with us blokes what you sometimes call a woman. Ive called people ladies, and they have found it offensive. Or “love” like i sometimes do.

Normally i play it safe now and call either gender “mate” lol


@LittleMissSlothy You know like when a kid gets angry. Doesn’t want to express.

How do Woman feel about being called lady.

I guess people have their preferences what they like to be called.

I might call someone a girl if they are young, like before 30’s. And people above lady. But in the norwegian language it isn’t quite the same. Our translated version of woman isn’t used very much. So it’s mostly either girl or lady.

I called a colleague at work for lady, in her 40’s. But she wouldn’t have that, she settled when I called her gurlie. lol.

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Usually I introduce myself and ask how anybody I talk to wants to be called. But I lost a lot of values hanging with the misfortunate.

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@LittleMissSlothy Calling someone girl could be just power dynamic thing. Can’t say. It’s language thing. Don’t know how things go informally.

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I’m a middle aged woman and I am guilty of referring to a group of women younger than myself “girls”, as in “how’s it going girls”?

I didn’t realise that most women found it offensive.

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Kinda like calling a male boy.
Hey boy. Chop the wood. Sounds insulting.