I can be a woman sometimes, but mostly I'm just a man


What are you trying to say?

huh? idk, just an inclination.

Well I’m a woman and prefer to hang out with guys because they don’t ask so many questions and aren’t sizing you up as if you are a “threat” (hiss, meow).


totally,. female friends dessert you, and guys stick around.


Fo sure if you have cold beer in the fridge rofl. I haven’t drank since 05

Looking fabulous as usual @Daze!

Besides I lift Iron not babies

been hearing that, way to go. I have trophies from my running days. Keep it up.

do you wear the trousers @daze ? lol

btw, how do you manage to keep so thin? are you on ap’s? bc they gave me weight gain :confused:

med compliant, yeah trousers, work pants, Phil says You look so frumpy.

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I meant who wears the trousers as in who is in charge lol,

idk what frumpy means but it sounds a bit derogatory :thinking::v:

you are such an instigator. Idk, we fight a lot, but I have some money and success.

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can i get some? lol

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You be all, take it as a caution, you be all, wondering. it’s all good.

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Hmmmmmm…guess you two know each other

i believe there is yin and yang in us all


nahh, i just like asking questions :slight_smile: its part of my life long learning :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

babes, you gotta ask somethin’ to get somethin’. You begin to get your point across in certain ways…I’ve always liked you.

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I don’t really like to identify as one, but both genders.