I hate myself for being a girl

Of course I can’t do anything about it. I just wish I knew why. Something missing, I guess.

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I feel the same way but it’s because I’m transgender. Maybe you have been mistreated simply because you’re a woman.

yes and I was Chordy Wet Pants as a child.

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I was “Sarah Wear her Pants Out”. I wet my pants until the age of 10 due to severe anxiety and this is what my sister called me.

When I was little, I wanted to be a boy. Religious parents repressed it the hell out of me, but there are some clear ways (to me) that it manifests now. I try not to hate myself :slight_smile:

oh cordy why do you hate the guy side of you ?

In a way, my mother denied she, herself, was a girl. She ridiculed feminine. I’m just fighting her.

You shouldn’t hate yourself for who you are. I had a problem crapping my pants when I was a kid. As an adult I found out I am lactose and intolerant. They gave me milk all the time when I was younger.

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You’re going to have problems and have advantageous/disadvantages no matter what your gender is, no point in hating yourself.

My life isn’t perfect because I was born a boy.

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Yes you should celebrate that you are a woman. Embrace the differences because they make you special.

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Women are beautiful! Don’t hate yourself.

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Cosmetics :lipstick: are the weaponry women use to compete against one another to see who is more prettier :heart_eyes: .

You have some ■■■■■■ up views/opinions on women.

Makeup isn’t a weapon, it’s just fun.

And we’re not at competition with each other.

You must not know very many actual women.

It shows.


@Charles_Foster I don’ t know what to say.


And who the ■■■■ says men can’t wear makeup, too?

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@Pandy That idea had never even occurred to me.

I always wanted to be a girl I’m very jealous of their clothes and long hair

So grow your hair long, and incorporate some clothes that are traditionally considered “feminine” into your wardrobe. There’s no reason you can’t.


I use to when I was younger I no longer do so for religious reasons

A male friend of mine wore a pink shirt just last night. I found it quite attractive in a delightful way.

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