I had a really nice day yesterday

it was beautiful actually. with music and friendship and acceptance and productivity.

loved it. wishing you all many beautiful days. judy


That’s good to hear. I hope you have more like that.

thanks crimby. how have you been doing lately? am I right that you live out here in the Midwest also? I am in Michigan. judy

I’m in Oklahoma. To me, Oklahoma is where the south intersects with the midwest. Our accent is a combination of the southern drawal and the midwestern twang.

how do you like living out there? i like michigan, we have four seasons and that leads to variety. also where i live it is very easy to drive and find parking.


Oklahoma has its charms. There isn’t too much big city life. The largest cities in Oklahoma are Tulsa and Oklahoma City. I like Tulsa. Sometimes I wish for the city, but I imagine it takes money to get in on the many things going on there. I live in the Cookson Hills of eastern Oklahoma. They grow a lot of marijuana back in those hills. There is a lot of undeveloped area to grow it in. On most of the back roads there is only one house about every five miles. There is an official wilderness area nearby. I’d be afraid to go back there because someone is almost certainly growing marijuana there, and people are very protective of their crops. It’s going to be interesting to see how the legalization of marijuana affects the weed growing industry in Adair County. The Illinois River runs through Eastern Oklahoma, and a tributary called the Baron Fork River snakes its way all through the countryside. Fourteen counties in eastern Oklahoma make up the Cherokee Nation, and there are places back in those hills where Cherokee is the predominant language. Most of the people living in this area are into hunting and have guns. You don’t want to go walking up on somebody’s back door. People eat a lot of deer chili in the fall. There are so many deer that people don’t mind a little poaching. I’ve learned to like living in this area. It is home to me.


nice writing you’ve made, crimby. It is very intersting to read.

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