I'm going to start embracing the country side of life

A friend of mine wants to start picking on the guitar and banjo more. My family lives in the town next to mine. All of this is set in a country of rural roads. I am born and raised from Oklahoma and even though I am a democrat in a red state I am going to start wearing boots and becoming closer to my roots. I need direction in my life. I am going to start going to church again once I get some newer clothes. For the first time in a long time I feel happy where I am. I used to cuss my home state because it’s mostly conservatives in this state. I’ll tell you something people are nicer in Oklahoma more than any state I’ve ever lived in. Yahoo!!


Good for you @jukebox
Nothing wrong with Country living.


You don’t have to be a conservative to wear cowboys boots and play country music.


I’m more into folk rock and maybe bluegrass, that’s about as country as I go.

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@crimby yeah I’ve worked cattle more than a lot of cowboys. I could call myself a cowboy but I like my rock and roll and country only about half as much. I am still getting me a pair of boots! haha


I wanted a pair of boots a while ago. I haven’t found any neat ones to crave lately.

Every day I wear my cowboy boots and ride my bicycle in one small town … :smile:

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If you make more of an effort to fit in maybe people will respond better toward you and you will lose some of that animosity you have. It is better to live a life at peace.

I’m with ya’ on this one @jukebox. I have numerous boots, cowboy boots too- naturally, that I love to wear, got my pop’s old pair he used to wear too as one of his many memento’s.
Ya can’t go wrong when you go country.

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