How to End Donald Trump's Candidacy

The media had been trying to get Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy. When Trump announced he didn’t want to be politically correct and nobody cared several members of the media went into cardiac arrest. Then he insulted a Fox news woman, a Republican war hero, the Latino community, the black community, mispronounced a bible quote, insulted the Iowan farmers, and seemed to say an outrageous thing every day. So a plot was concocted by the Establishment. Trump had a dental appointment and they put in a fake dentist who did work on him and then wired his jaws shut and told him he couldn’t speak for 3 days. On day 1 Trump was OK, but on Day 2 his head expanded to twice its size. And finally on Day 3 it exploded. So he was neutralized and Marco Rubio became the Republican nominee for President after a Canadian birth certificate was found on Ted Cruz.


I see one flaw in your plan. Trump is just as capable of spewing hatred over Twitter, so you would need to put his hands in a cast too.


Just expose him to direct sunlight.


OR… the Republican Congress (that loathes the guy) could pass a law requiring people to have IQs of at least 75 to be allowed to vote. (But, of course…) ( :neutral_face: :open_mouth: :sunglasses: )

It was particularly bad for Trump to attack the record of John McCain when Trump got deferments and spent the war hiding out, and McCain spent years and years enduring torture. No one could take serious a man who is so reckless at running his mouth.

I think he’s actually self aware of what he’s doing and he may only be doing it to appeal to the masses that are apparently way more ignorant than they should be for 2016 with all the advances humanity has made in technology and he may just end up being the best president ever because all his insane ideas are just a ploy to win.

I’m still not voting for him though. Or anyone else for that matter.

I also don’t think he even expected to make it this far.

Put his running mate, Hillary Clinton, in jail and then maybe he will drop out of the race.

Hillary for PRISON 2016!!

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Erm, wait. Is this the “post the last song you listened to” thread?

No but thanks for trying. <3

Trump is an idiot…I was on his site a few weeks ago, and he thing I saw has since been taken down but, his solution to the low quality of the public education system was to make all schools private and require tuition…which would make it impossible for the majority of families to send their kids to school if they had more than one child, since the average tuition for a grade school is 7-13K a year…that’s in my area, based on the school my best friend wants to send his daughter this fall, and that school is listed as the lowest costing in the area…

I would send my daughter to a private school if there was one in my area, being honest. She’s worth it to me.


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I would love to send any kids I have to private school, but I live on disability and that’s not likely to change given the fact when people do a background check on me they find out I was institutionalized for a mental break down, supposedly at my own request (I did not request it, they forced me to take meds I didn’t want and put me in a catatonic state to make me ‘compliant’…)

How the devil would a school get that info? You’re American, right? Isn’t that info protected under HIPPA? We have similar legislation in Canada and no one outside of the health industry knows.


not the school, the employers, every job I have applied for since I was locked up has cited my ‘mental health’ history as the reason for not employing me. They have a legal right to deny me employment if my mental illness has the potential to lead to someone’s harm

EDIT: its another case of stereotypes ruining lives.

Employers are able to get this info?!? I have friends in the U.S. with SZ who have been able to get jobs without disclosing SZ and their employers don’t know. The exception has been those jobs that require a security clearance. I generally disclose to my employers so I won’t have problems when I need a sick day and haven’t had an issue with discrimination in over two decades. I find this a bit shocking.


normally it doesn’t show up in your record, I’m not sure why it does for me, but the law states that they cannot discriminate based on mental illness unless the illness presents a danger to fellow employees or customers. The thing is, I went to college to be a nurse, and I cant find work in that field because of my diagnosis (hospitals are very wary of hiring the mentally ill apparently) but when I applied for a job at a local grocery store, they showed me the print out of my back ground check, and it says ‘Admitted to Mental healthy facility’ right after it says ‘Entered US armed Forces’