Donald Trump

Donald Trump is an ignoramus. I have to bow to what I heard on the radio regarding this man - “Never wrestle with a pig because you both get dirty, and the pig likes it.”


He’s acting as a trump card for his political party. Reminds me of Disney’s Donald Duck.

My brother is right - All politics is dirty - its ugly and filthy.

The private sector (corporations) run this country (USA) - this is the bottom line


Can only think of - Never try to teach a pig to sing - it annoys the pig and wastes your time.

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I used to like Donald Trump quite a few years ago. I would see him on Jay Leno or David letterman and I liked his gimmick: 'the fabulously rich, hard-nosed, successful business man who wanted to be a celebrity and could sit on those talk shows and let them needle him and make fun of him and he could go along with it and laugh at himself. Then he got his own TV show, “The Apprentice” and I thought, " Cool, he has his own show, cool". And I watched the first two seasons and it was great.

But then he started to lose me when he started bragging (erronously) that his show was the number 1 show on TV despite many critics pointing out that it was NOT the number 1 show. And then he really made me lose respect for him when he got into a name-calling feud with Rosie O’ Donnel and called her a “fat lesbian”. I thought that was pretty small and petty of him and undignified. Then he got into a couple more celebrity feuds and got into more name-calling and my respect for him went down further.

But my dislike for him was final when his ego got huge and he was going to run for president and he got into that whole Obama “birther movement” thing and he showed that even shrewd successful people can be ignorant and asses. That ended any interest I had in him for good.

I honestly don’t think that being shrewd and successful is much qualification for being in politics. Call me old fashioned but I value integrity and standing for ideals more than almost anything else in elected politicians. I certainly won’t be voting for some slick businessman who never cared about anything other than making money.

All that money and he can’t have a better looking hair-do?
…what a waste of money.

If Donald Trump becomes president, I’m moving to a socialist country. He’s a joke. He’s gonna get his ■■■■ handed to him and learn to stay in his place.

Obama roasted his ass on cspan. Good Obama, taking care of business.

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This saddens me :cry:

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It saddens you that I used to like him or it saddens you that I don’t like him anymore?

I was kidding - that you used to like him.
I am actually relieved that you don’t like him any more :smile:

Well I would still like him if he had kept his mouth shut about certain things.

I like him as a business man. I admire his spirit. But as a politician, we don’t need him.

Every election campaign needs a clown car.


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But a really really good clown car…this is Trump we talking about.

I like clowns with better hair. He’s fired.



I think this man needs a friend.

And a new barber.

no need to fear, no Republican is going to be president for a long time. I just wish Hilary would hurry up and step up her campaign so we know she will rightly take the presidential nomination. there are like what, 20 republicans trying to run for president right now…I think Hilary is just giving them enough rope in the race to hang themselves and then BOOM…she wins.