I got very paranoid the other day

I accompanied my friend to his job interview a few days ago, and while he went in I sat outside in this lowered area with water and rocks and what not… I soon realized that I could hear cars driving by but I could see none, and they couldn’t see me. I got really, really scared that the cops were looking for me, and that I wasn’t supposed to be where i was… I didn’t want to go anywhere bc I felt I was being searched for but I still forced myself out of the situation, because I am aware that it made no sense at all.

are you on psych meds? are you schizophrenic? welcome to the forum.

I’m not diagnosed with anything. But thank you!

paranoia is a huge problem with sz, it is a symptom and i had it for a long time, the fear that something bad is going to happen,

i don’t feel this anymore, i feel safer now, i live in a good area thank God and i am taking a good medication now, i also trust that someone is looking out for me or some thing, something good and it helps me get by.

so i would say to take your meds (if you have them) and try and focus on something good and try to ignore the fear that comes over you with paranoia, trust that someone or some thing is keeping you safe wherever you go

I went out to eat with my brother, and when I got home I thought that our waiter had, as a friendly gesture, put some kind of amphetamine in my drink. Then I started to think that they’ve put amphetamine in my drink at another place we ate. I was wondering how high I would get and if they would have to send me to the hospital. I think what triggered that paranoia was that I hadn’t eaten food with the Geodon I took that evening, and as a result, it wasn’t absorbed properly. I just have to miss one dose of my med’s and my mind starts playing tricks on me. Paranoia is very much a part of sz.

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Not that its any of my business but are you a criminal?

From what I understand that can play a big part in someones paranoid and sometimes guilty feelings.

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Paranoia is toughbut calming down and using logic might get you out of it.

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I thought if you could make sense of it, it’s not schizophrenia

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Nope, I’ve had issues with the law when I was younger… But I had no reason to feel that way. :confused:

When I get paranoid I try to find evidence on how it is not possible. But some things can’t be found evidence on. Like is the police looking for me? Have I done something illegal? Am I on the run? Why should they look for me?

But paranoid thoughts like someone will kill me. That is harder. Especially if it transforms to be a delusion.

I think it will get easier to use logic if you experience one specific paranoid thought a lot.

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I’ve heard that as well. But I’ve also heard otherwise, too… I’ve not been diagnosed so i couldn’t tell ya. But I’m in touch with reality. I’m aware that the delusions I have are ■■■■■■■■, but I still can’t knock em out of my head. They disappear/come on their own. The worse of them all is when I fear people can hear my thoughts… Which sometimes I can’t control them. Like there’s someone else in my head thinking them. But it’s not like a voice. It’s my own thoughts. I just don’t control them always. :confused:

I started thinking random thoughts just to keep my own thoughts safe from other people. They could read my mind.

i’ve read your other post and i have very similar experience’s, like i know it can’t be true, but at the same time i believe it…

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