Im starting to feel paranoid

It’s starting to feel like the police are coming to either put me in jail or the hospital I have zero reason and have done nothing wrong except call my psychiatrist nurse and she hasn’t responded I told her I’m feeling depressed and paranoid I’m pretty sure this is my psychosis acting up

Sorry to hear about your paranoia
Does it pass

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I had the police come and bring me to the hospital twice in the past, but that was years ago.

They were pretty cool though, the cop said he had to put me in handcuffs but apologized for doing so.

Usually it comes and goes away I’m on abilify and haldol for my psychotic symptoms I think I have a old bottle of seroquel I might just take

I get paranoia and voices at the moment they come every three days or so but the anxiety is the worse thing for me now

I remember getting paranoia and voices on the wrong medication. It’s worth trying every one until you get it right because it makes an astounding difference…

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@Mouse1977 is right. I’ve tired meds that didn’t work, had horrible side effects and also ones that work well with no side effects. There are plenty to choose from. Keep trying.

There is always the possibility you have treatment resistant schizophrenia but I think it is too early to make that determination. Some people are on 2-3 antipsychotics and antidepressants before they find something that works.

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Just a update I realized I missed 3 days worth of afternoon haldol I’m feeling better I took it late tho but tomorrow is a new day

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