I got straight A's one time, in 5th grade haha

usually when i was young i got mostly A grades, with a few B’s in the mix. but my standardized test scores were always high. i never did much homework, just paid attention in class mostly. everything changed in middle school when i started to distance myself from my studies, and i mostly got b’s. then in high school i got decent grades except for my senior english class, which i never turned in papers and almost failed. my teacher let me turn in a bunch of papers late and i passed with a d.

then in college i did well my first year when i went to class. but my 3rd semester of college i didn’t attend a single class, and didnt even drop my classes, getting all f’s that semester. that was the start of my social anxiety when i was 20 years old. i tried to go back to community college when i was 25 or 26, with mixed results. most classes i did well, but i still lacked discipline and would skip many classes, but this time i dropped my classes that i had been skipping, so it didn’t affect my gpa. but affected my college grants.

now im thinking about giving university one final try, but im struggling to decide what i want to study, or wondering if i should maybe just go to trade school instead. for a trade i was thinking wastewater treatment operator, as it’s a good job if you want to travel.

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Good luck at school/university. I probably hate it and won’t ever go back because of what happened to me or didn’t happen to me…

I think school is over rated and not really needed. It’s a dying industry. I much rather self study now. I mean if you’re going to be an engineer, doctor, lawyer or something…sure go to school. But I rather not deal with the asshats that attend there, the cost, and the liberal indoctrination and student loans. It’s not really like I’m going to attend Harvard or Stanford or something. I’m not really interested in graduating and hearing how shitty I am because I’m white, middle class, and stuff. I’m done with that crap.

I know people that make more on their own or running a business.

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