I don't get A's anymore

There was awhile when I was a normie, that I got A’s in school but was a total flunky at home. Now, I don’t get A’s anywhere. I am aware I make mistakes. (As an A student, I was stuck up. I cried when I got my first B+. That means pressure from somewhere.)

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In grade school, and jr. high, I used to get straight A’s. Then I started high school and I didn’t care anymore and barely graduated from high school. But, I made it. Then, I got to college and made straight A’s for my pre requisites for my major. But when studying my major, I got a B average for a G.P.A. Now, whenever I try to study anything, I can’t pass the class, no matter what the subject.

It seems our ability to learn is unstable, fragile.

I’m too rebellious for school. I have a super ego problem.

I was probably like a D student. I just weaseled my way through high school.

I got an A+ in my online college Beatles class. Natch.

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I can relate. Always been a straight A student. After one of my worse episodes last semester it was so upsetting to do less well. But to complete the year I had to come to terms with that and focus on passing. Definitely feel you.

I was an above average student early on but the effect of learning difficulties(which were never diagnosed) kicked in more and more after the age of 9. By the time I left school at 18 to go into psych hospital I was heading for failure in my A levels(never took them) and was an average student on a good day.
My parents never considered why I went from outperforming future scholarship boys at 8 to struggling to be an average student at 18.

I can relate. Before my illness, I had straight A’s in high school. Most of my teachers had a policy that you didn’t have to take the cumulative final exam if you carried an A in the class. That was enough motivation for me to carry a high GPA.

in college, I was mostly straight A’s for often the same reason. I had voices then but it was easier to study for small tests than big exams, so I coped. I felt like I was cheating the system, no one was the wiser that I was hallucinating so I was invincible!

After I graduated, it was only a year and a half until my first inpatient stay and first disability leave. My entire “career” has been holding down a job by the skin of my teeth and then going on and off disability. i’ve been on disability for the past 3 1/2 years again and have no signs of being able to go back. I don’t know how I feel about it, both ashamed and relieved.

I actually remember, the first time I got a low grade, I cried too. I was devastated. I was 9 years old and my mom was just diagnosed with schizophrenia.

I was 9 years old when I got my first B+. Coincident.

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From there everything went downhill.

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I’m graduating college tomorrow, friday, with a 2.75 GPA. I graduated high school with a top 1% SAT and a 4.00 GPA. You can guess when my symptoms first showed up. I am getting better and my grades have been getting recently. I also took my MCAT and got in the 69% percentile, so not totally bad, but not good either.


Congratulations on graduating college! That’s a huge achievement anyway but especially when you’re mentally ill. I still can’t quite figure out how I managed to do it.

Thanks, it really means a lot to me that I can graduate after I went through so many struggles just to finish college.

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I used to get all A’s in high school and well in college, but I started partying and not going to class. Luckily in h.s. I got a 4 years of college paid scholarship. Short 20 credits or so from business management degree.

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