Got straight A's but I was failing in life

I was unhappy and maladjusted and I think it was only fear that made me listen in school. I had flunked kindergarten and must have been punished. Because after that, I got A’s.


I think I got like 1 A in school it was in Physical education class.
I was mostly a C+/- student

IO went from one extreme to the other. Even in career, I was either a huge success or a humiliating failure.

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You didn’t fail. You just found something that didn’t work for you.

The reason you fail hard and had good success is cuz you tried hard.

No. There were times when I didn’t give a rip.

Lol well 🤷 :rofl: 151515

You really need to see a counselor


Yes. I am being very negative, lately. I will see my councilor the beginning of next month.

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I got A’s with a vengeance.

I got lots of As in university but couldn’t hold a proper full time job for more than a month.

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At least I got my major bachelor of science degree.


Awe thats awesome @Aziz x

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That’s me right now. Straight As but barely functioning.


Thanks @Texty89

Do you have a job now?

I do i went back to my old job as a lab technician after a year off sick

Well done @chordy x

Yes and I go to school

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Growing up it was very important to work hard, study for the exams, and get A’s. If things worked out differently, I could have entered the workforce as a successful person. Instead, for me, the good grades were superficial and my ambitions were never even considered or doubted. I wish I could have thought about my ambitions when I was young.
I had “blind ambition.”

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We have some similarities. I got As in HS.