I had the opportunity to go to college

Sometimes I forget what a privilege that was. I guess I didn’t play my cards right because, by the time I was a sophomore, I started making poor choices.
My suggestion would be to not force yourself to go to school unless you have a burning desire to learn and a vibrant interest in something.

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I went to university on a scholarship and was asked not to.come back because of an “incident” involving 5 students who were all asked not to return.
Yeah kinda stupid I am

I know. It feels kind of bad to not respect our circumstances and behave accordingly. Can you ever talk to the dean and return?

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That was back when I was 20. I’m 50 now
Not a lot of life left in me

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I’ve heard of people getting their education as late as in their 70’s.

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Someone once told me, “Only do college if you can afford it.”

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My parents could afford to send me to college but they did not make sure I was mature enough to use the investment wisely.

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I agree with that it’s a waste of money. Go to community college to take courses to explore what you may be interested in first. Then pursue that.

On the other hand, the college experience I can understand people not wanting to miss out on. But if you want to be financially responsible that’s the way to go.

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I got an associate’s degree with a 4.0 average from community college and had a 3.5 for 1.5 years of the one I transferred to. Then all my sz troubles started.

I love that I was able to go, and the education still sticks with me today. I know that I couldn’t do more than one class at a time now because of my illness, but I would encourage others to maybe try a single online course.

I took one year off between HS and college to unload freight for Wal-Mart. Man was that a fun year.

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I got a 3.9 I guess from community college then transferred as a math major. I did really shitty there ended up with a 2.9 overall GPA. My major GPA is low to mid 2.0s. I couldn’t really do it. I think I started getting schizophrenia once I transferred unfortunately. I was completely unaware. Still, 7 years into the illness I still blamed my low GPA on my intellect. I noticed cognitive decline while my peers were acing exams and doing well.

I never graduated. I’m at the point I want to go back but I can’t even do math in my head anymore, even adding numbers.

I only needed 5 classes to graduate. It’s pretty expensive especially when you’re broke like me.

I’m looking into alternatives like different schools or different majors. But it is discouraging. I just turned 29 today. If I go somewhere else I gotta take like 15-30 stem classes.

I successfully completed the first year of management degree but was having episodes so had to quit
Hope to do a six week computer course in either October or January

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Happy birthday!!

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Why, Chordy, why? Why do you discourage people from getting an education unless they have a desire to learn? Don’t people have the right to get an education, a job and provide for themselves independently of their (now under treatement) psychiatric disorders?

The thought of going to university and coping independently was a major stressor for me leading up to my first hospitalisation. Then there was the issue of undiagnosed learning difficulties which hampered my academic performance. For me college wasn’t a realistic option.

However if you didn’t have my difficulties and had the chance to go to college it’s something you should grab with both hands. Although it’s not guaranteed you are more likely to be financially secure with a good college degree.

I certainly think anyone thinking of going to college on these forums should be encouraged and cheered on. . It’s an even greater achievment with psychosis/schizophrenia than without.

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College is a stupid joke.

In no way did I mean to discourage anyone from going to college. I was only relating my own experience. I’m sorry you misunderstand. I could never judge whether or not someone else is ready form college. I said don’t go unless you have a burning desire to.

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