Nightowls and bedwetters

Evening, night morning to you all!

How’s everyone doing?

I’m doing much better today since I took the Vitamin D supplement last Thursday. My vitamin D was 18.8. Under 20 is clinically deficient. Optimal is 30-80.

Sounds good. How did you get your vitamin D checked? Was it the doctor?

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I am about to take my meds. I also take prescription vitamin d.

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Yes, I saw a new primary care nurse practitioner. I was having problems with the doctor I was seeing. The new NP checked me out completely and seemed to know to check my vitamin D. She asked me a lot of questions and examined me.

Have you heard anything more about a potential switch to something else yet?

I am glad you got looked after!


Vraylar got submitted here to Health Canada in June, its under review now so should be released soon. I hope it works like Abilify but without side effects.


I read you sold your appartment. Where will you stay? Did you rent a new one?

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Thanks Joker. It seems to be doing my arthritis some good as well. I stopped taking Ibuprofen, and today I am cutting the Tylenol back to one dose of 650mg.

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I gotta clean the bed.

I’m about to take meds and head to bed

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Fingers crossed for you this helps. It has taken long enough! Meds take a long time here in the UK to arrive as well.

I have cancelled the sale. No longer moving. It was too stressful. Going to have to stay where I am for now

What’s Tylenol? Have heard it before but don’t know what it does, or who it’s for?

That’s great news!

They sell those plastic bed sheets pretty cheap, the pee rolls right off

Night night @LunaNoir !!!


Thank you… Hope you have a good day

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Tylenol is the brand name of acetaminophen. It’s sold over the counter in the US. It for headaches, fever, aches and pains.


We also have Tylenol in Canada.


Common you night owls and bedwetters! Assemble!

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